Monday, December 1, 2014

Checking what condition my condition is in (mail dump)

Don't call it a comeback (because it is

So I started posting 4-5 times a week, and I was really digging that over the Summer.  But then a few things happened all at once.

Work (which is awesome) got busy.

My wife's store (which is awesome) got busy.

And so the blog died.

(Also it has been real hard to pick up cards of my guys now that I am close to fruition for everything but Shyrone Stith...and I will be close to him after an upcoming COMC shipment).

All that said, I am still much alive in the card world, especially on COMC, where I have sold well over a thousand cards now!  So I find new pickups for the PC now and then and figured I would share a few.  Here they are...and take a peek because you (literally) never know when I may post again!

The first is an upgrade on a sick Seneca patch.  Here is the old one...a slight 3 color on a jersey that is typically one color.

What can best that?  How about a DEFINITE three color of a home jersey, courtesy of Ebay?

Sweet right?  Here is a close-up.
I think this is the 4th time I have upgraded this card.  And I will continue to do so if I keep finding more awesome versions of this card.  Go figure.

The back, for serial numbered-ness.

Continuing is a near Shyrone Stith I grabbed on Ebay recently.  It is one of the old Pacific Premiere date cards where they slap a stamp on it and make it rare due to its place in the production run.  And I love artificial 25/55 is good for me.


Here is an AWESOME card I got from Ebay of Seneca that looks way better in person.  It is the gold version of his Tradition Autographics card...and IRL the gold aspects look so sexy.
On the internets they just look okay.  You guys will have to come over to check it out.  Lets make it a potluck?

I dig the NFL team border...missing those Texans though...damn past.

The last two cards do not fit a specific PC, but they are dead sexy nonetheless.  Dennis sent me this guy out of the blue...said he got it at a card show for $1 and thought he remembered I liked the guy.
YES PLEASE!  I was looking for a reasonably priced one of these for FOREVER...I would say $1 is more than reasonable.

Also I totally would have collected Woody over Rod Smart...but I found out there is a guy who has like every good Woody card ever, including one of the nicest one of ones I ever saw.  So I will settle for a cool card like this now and then instead.

Last card was a Summer birthday present, but the Ebay shipper took his sweet time.  Family visited for Thanksgiving and my Dad brought it with him...better late than never Ebay folks!
Again...this one is better in person.  THAT SHINE THO.
And ze back...42/100...just the kind of scarcity I like!

And that about does 'er.  Hope you liked 'em...stay tuned sooner than later for my Black Friday gets from COMC!

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