Monday, January 19, 2015

Wallet Card goes to work/school

Some people's Wallet Cards have already been on great adventures, varying from visiting famous delis to frolicking in the snow.  

My Wallet Card ain't got no time for that...he's got his studies to focus on.

I show up at work hours before the kids (and most of the other teachers) because I'm weird, so that gave Wallet Card time to take a few pics around the classroom.  My favorite one is him posing on my desk with all of my knick knacks.
From left to right, I have a photo of my cat Toby in a weird colored snail frame, a Jeff Blake headliner (we live in Cincinnati), a ceramic penguin, an Abba coaster, a metal lacrosse goalie, a Curtis Martin headliner (go Pats), a Jay Bruce bobblehead, and then Wallet Card.  Quite the motley crew if you ask me.

After that brief trip outside my Wallet, the card had to go back.  But not before I photographed some of the warping that my wallet is already causing to this card.  First a corner ding:

And then an entire crease on the right front of the card (it's the bottom of this photo):

I love how this guy is coming along - I think I might have to take him for some tacos next!

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