Saturday, February 7, 2015

More Stiths courtesy of COMC

So finishing off my Boxing Day free shipment posts is today's post, which contains all the Shyrone Stiths I was able to pick up.  These pickups put me just under 50% completion for his master set, which is pretty darn cool considering I've really only spent a year on this collection.  So let's take a peek at some of the best new stuff in my collection!

First card up is from Fleer Gamers Next, which is a really weird name for a set:
Kinda crazy front...there's a lot going on there.  The long front part of the "n" makes it look like an "r," and the choice to have the "x" go through "Gamers" was...interesting.  Definitely one of the wilder card fronts I have seen in a while.
The back is similarly absurd.  Every stat points out from the left side in sort of icicle form.  Then the right side is fairly normal.  But it is also noted that this card is the "extra" version under the number.  So I'll have to grab the base version of this wildness somewhere down the line.

Speaking of crazy fronts, here's Shyrone Stith in the middle of a tornado:
This card is from 2000 Press Pass Paydirt, and it is also pretty absurd.  At least the tornado word colors go with Virginia Tech's colors.
The back reminds me of a creepy funhouse, with the left and right side stretched Stiths and the normal one in the middle.  I do like the writeup though - it is a little more specific than your typical card as to where Stith scored the bulk of his TD's in his senior season.  Also it has the weird phrasing, "A Stith into the line gets you 6!"  That's gotta be worth...something.

More insanity, only this one is pretty amazing:
It's the Masters parallel of Stith's Collector's Edge card, and wow does it pop.  Love the shiny...
The back is similar to a lot of the Collector's Edge backs from that year, but the card is serial #'d.  Kinda lazy for a company to only really change the fronts and not the backs...but I guess that's why they're out of business, right?

This next card is crazy hard to see:
So I lightened it a little
It's the diamond auto from Sage Hit.  Non-numbered, and it looks pretty great in person.
The back is all green like the emerald auto.  I wish they had made it left the emerald one emerald colored so it made it easier to tell the cards apart.  They don't list emerald or diamond on the cards anywhere and the only way to really figure it out is through researching it online.  Ther'e's a die cut version for each card too, so I'll have to grab those someday.

Here's a card that really shines in person, Stiths Prestige entry for 2000:
It's the Inside the Numbers parallel from Prestige, and this is a REALLY crisp card in person.  Nicer stock, nicer surface, etc.
The back is simple, but great, and nicely recaps the 1999 Viginia Tech season IMHO.

I tend to dig subtle parallels, so this next one is pretty cool:
It's the "blue" version of Stith's Pacific card, numbered to 399.  The name and logo are blue here, and there's a little blue stamp to the right of Stith's legs.
The back also adds a little blue tint too.  I know it's not the most difference in the world, but I like when a parallel follows a little theme.

This Skybox card is similar to the one above in its parallel-ness:
It's the Star Rubies version, so the foil gets the ruby treatment on the front
And then on the back the numbering has a SR added on.  I think more parallels should do makes it a lot easier to know you're looking at a parallel when the numbering explicitly states it.  So good on you 2000 Skybox.

Finally, we cap this post with Stith's SP Authentic entry for 2000:
Authentic is a bit classier than most of the cards in this post, and you can tell by the finer stock and the elevated bumps on the lower left and lower right sides of the card.  It's also neatly numbered out of 1250 on the front.
The back is very turn of the Millenium Upper Deck, what with its small pictures, wordiness, and lines to divide stuff up.  I really like it though - I mean heck that's why I collect Upper Deck MVP for a while right?  It's not for everyone, but it's definitely for me.

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