Monday, March 16, 2015

Nice little Ebay Twofer, and my first purchase for my Casual Collections page

Digging around Ebay the other day, I noticed a very nicely priced, rare, Shyrone Stith card that I needed.  I threw in a bid and was going to just stop there, but I looked at the seller's other items for funzies and found another one I liked ending 4 days later.  Did I win both cards?  Well given what I called this post...I think you can safely assume yes!

Here's the first card, the target card, which is a Shyrone Stith Rookies and Stars Longevity /30:
Pretty nice little front, although aside from the shininess the only real different from the base card is the LONGEVITY wording.  Rookies and Stars did this for years, as I also have a few Seneca Wallace Longevity parallels...but I dig them because I am a sucker for stamped parallels.

Speaking of stamps:
There it is right down the bottom, 24/30.  It's always a good day when one of these falls into my lap for under $5 shipped.

So that auction ended, and I had four days to wait on the other card I wanted.  I messaged the seller to ask if it was okay to wait to pay...after all this was the difference between another $2.99 shipping or $0.25 for an additional item shipping...and he said that was fine.  So I held my breath and only exhaled when, four days later, this baby was mine:
That's right my brothers and sisters - it's a nice little parallel of Thad "The Champ" Lewis.  You probably don't know him, but if you do it's either from this blog or from his starting stints in Cleveland and Buffalo (as well as a backup job last year in Houston).  I have followed this guy ever since he and Seneca battled it out for QB spots in Cleveland, and so I've always been mildly interested in acquiring his cards.  And this one is especially nice:
Because it is #'d 18/25!  With a 99 cent opening bid and the extra 25 cents shipping, this one was a no brainer for me.  And it's what, in part, inspired me to start my Casual Collections page.  I'm always going to buy up cheap/nice cards of certain players, but I don't want to full on collect every player in the world.  So I took a page out of Baseball Card Breakdown's book and made myself a little page for the players who I know I'll always grab cards of.  I think this Lewis is a great way to start and can't wait to see what else comes of it!

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