Friday, March 20, 2015

Too Many Stiths (and a Dantzler!) from Michigan

Dennis, who has Too Many blogs, is easily my most common trade partner in the blogosphere.  He likes a lot of football like I do, so we always match up well, and he's also always finding new stuff at flea markets or on various card sites.  It's a good thing.

This time around, he found a whole ton of Shyrone Stiths that I needed.  I'm starting, however, with the non-Stith need of the package - my third Woody Dantzler hit and 2nd auto, his Playoff Contenders rookie ticket:
Contenders is always "the" card to own of a guy, so it's cool to have a copy of Dantzler's finally.  I like that his number is listed as 35...and then he signed it with a #10...and then his jersey on the card has #11 on it.  Dantzler switched numbers and positions so many times at the pro level that it's honestly kind of ridiculous.  Guys like Kordell Stewart may have dabbled with WR-dom, but only Dantzler was a QB/RB/S/KR/PR all at once, and I love that.
Here's the back...very typical for Contenders, nice and clean with the serial numbering very prominent.  Kind of crazy that Dantzler only had 185 base rookie ticket autos...usually the print runs are a lot bigger, so maybe he didn't sign that many?

One guy who did sign a TON his rookie year was Shyrone Stith.  He had the whole range of Sage autograph cards his rookie year, so that meant signing upon signing upon signing.  This one is /200:
Per usual the Sage stickers show up crappy in a scan - all you see is darkness and fingerprints.  But the stickers always look pretty nice in person to moi.  I won't scan the back though...there is never any variation in the back so it's kinda just a waste of matter how nice the fronts are!

I also got a cool Pacific parallel...I like these ones where the card brand is diagonal across the card:
And the stamping is on the front too.../299.  Very nice.
This card is from 2001, so you get that one year of Jaguars stats, which is pretty awesome with a guy like Stith who only has like 11 2nd year cards total.

The next card finishes off my Emerald autos set:
I had the square one, now I have the die cut.  Kind of a funky die cut, but it is pretty excellent in person.
The back is the exact same, just cut out...looks kind of like the stuff I did to cards as a kid.

This next card is dead's /50, and is the shiny version of the 2000 Leaf Limited card:
I like that the card set is Limited, and this is the Limited Edition of Limited.  That's like...crazy limited.  Limited on top of mind is sufficiently blown.
Here's the /50 numbering, as well as a nice little write up about his rookie year.

Home stretch, here we have a Collector's Edge Odyssey parallel that is crazy technological looking:
I can dig it, even if the only real different from the base is more gold.
And the back is /500.

And our last new card is this Gold parallel of the Press Pass card.
It's subtle, but the name down bottom is a different color variant from the typical card:
The back is the same though...but that's cool because it's kind of informative and looks great.

Thanks as always Dennis...I'll keep looking for Michigan stuff on COMC!

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