Sunday, April 26, 2015

COMC Pick ups - Guys I've explained to ya'll

So many posts lately have been about why I collect certainn guys.  Here's a post with a bunch of cards of guys I've already just admire the cardboard.

First we have a Chris Colabello black refractor /100...ooooooooooh:
See how he's from Framingham?  That was our "good" mall during High School...I love the regional tie there.

The next card is a fairly epic autograph:
Ain't that a beaut?  Massaquoi has a very nice autograph if I do say so myself.

He also has some epic patches.
Like seriously...dig that.  /25 too!

And this one is only /50:
Awesome little two color - almost looks like one of the new Browns uniforms with that bright color.

We end with a true PC, my Shyrone Stith stuff.  First is a Paramount parallel:
These are pretty rare, so a nice little card here,

Then this ud MVP is /100, so it is super rare:
I had been tracking one of these for a while, so it was nice to find one on the cheap on COMC.  I love the look of late 90's/early 00's ud's just an awesome set in general.  So it's nice to have a Stith from the set for sure.

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