Monday, April 20, 2015

What can I say - I love Printing Plates (A Deion Branch addition with an explanation for both collections)

They're definitely not for everyone, but I've always found printing plates pretty neat.  Especially when they were rarer and never manufactured for sale, like in the mid 00's.  Nowadays there's a lot of aftermarket late 90's/early 00's plates around, or plates with sticker autos and spaces for jersey pieces in high end 10's sets.  I'm into those too...but really it's all about those mid 00's ones...especially when they feature a guy I collect.

This one comes from COMC, and captures Deion Branch in a hard-to-tell-from-scan magenta.  A lot of times the fronts of these plates don't show up too well - this one definitely still has a great image though:
The back is pretty nice as far as plates go too.  It explains the basics of plates, has the numbering (with set, player, team, etc.) and I like how they make the background color and serial numbering both the same color as the plate:
I've seen one of these before with my Seneca collection, and it still is an awesome card.

But this leaves two questions - why do I want to collect plates?  And why do I collect Deion Branch?

With plates, I love the idea of 1/1's, but never have the money to drop major coin are high end ones.  Plates, for what it's worth, are seen as very low end, so they're typically within my price range if I want them.  It's also interesting to see how the fronts and backs vary - some are in great condition, some are in awful condition, and it's a neat little piece of history in that way.  So that's why I dig these things.

As for Branch, I collect him because he's a modern day Patriots legend.  He was a 2nd round pick in 2002, and immediately jumped into the lineup with 7 regular season starts and 3 postseason starts including the Super Bowl win against Philadelphia.  The next season he started 12 games and the 3 postseason games as well, winning Super Bowl MVP honors for his efforts.  Branch spent two more seasons in New England before joining Seattle for big free agent money for 4.5 years.  He then came back to New England for the last 2.5 years of his career, adding enough postseason stats to finish with nearly 1,000 postseason receiving yards and 4 touchdowns.  Epic stuff for a 2nd rounder out of Louisville, and certainly a WR that neither I nor most New Englanders will ever forget.  So I'd say that's a pretty good reason to collect him!

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