Friday, May 15, 2015

Making the best of a weird situation on Ebay

So time to time on Ebay, I'll dig through a seller's inventory to see if I can grab a few cards for a lower shipping price.  Shipping price is one of the main reasons I dig COMC - it's a lot easier to grab 100 cards and pay $3 shipping for me than it is to dink and dunk paying $1-$2.50 each card or every few cards on Ebay.  So if I do shop on Ebay, I want that reduced shipping.  And in this case, initially the combined shipping thing went sour - but it ended on a happy note!

It all started when I noticed a two card Seneca Wallace lot for sale.  I owned both cards already, but one was an immense upgrade over my piece of football/one color relic I had for the set.  So I bid on that lot and won it - and I think this upgrade was well worth it:
The three piece uniform on the right is definitely the high point, but the excessive writing on the ball is cool as well.  A side note on this card that makes it extra worth it is that it's the first card that shows up in the binder alphabetically, so it kind of kicks the whole collection off.  For that reason alone, this card is definitely well worth it!

So I had that lot, and I noticed combined shipping was pretty cheap for this seller, so I took a look.  He had two Jarrett Brown autographs, and I always liked Brown as a Browns backup QB in training camp, so I figured I would grab one.  I picked one /100 that I liked, won it, and had it shipped.  But when the cards came, I actually ended up with this short print auto instead:
Now this card, despite not being short printed, is actually limited to just 24 copies, so it's pretty rare.  And Brown's auto, as always, looks great, so that's cool too.  But it wasn't what I bought, so I messaged the seller about it to see what we could do.  His reply was essentially:

"Sorry for the issue.  Given that this is just a $2.50 auction, we would ask that you just keep the card in this situation."

To which I was like :-O.  I don't know what I was expecting, but "Hey it was really cheap - just deal with it" wasn't it.  I'm not too confrontational though and I liked the card enough, so rather than press the issue I decided to handle things another way.  I asked the guy if he'd take a cheaper offer ($1.50) on the other auto.  He said yes almost immediately, and so I ended up with the card I wanted all along as well!  It's a sticker auto, and less rare, but I think most of you may agree that it's more aesthetically pleasing:
Ain't it nice?  I feel like his flowy auto really works on the Sage sticker.  I also dig the back:
Kinda cool they got a non-NFL defensive back to give the quote - probably the closest that guy ever got to a football card, so good for him!

So all's well that ends well, and as a result of this auction I decided to collect Jarrett Brown!

So why am I collecting Jarrett Brown?   Because this auction forced me to!  J/K, actually he's yet another in the long line of athletic backup QBs who, like Thaddeus Lewis, briefly fought Seneca Wallace during a training camp.  His tenure as backup was shorter than Lewis' (he never even made a regular season roster), but his football journey is way more amazing.  Let's take a brief peek:

2005 - Joins West Virginia as a football player, and loses a battle for starting QB to fellow freshman Pat White.  Sat out as a redshirt and gained knowledge.

2006-2008 - Backup for White, occasional filling in for injuries or short yardage runs

2009 - Anointed starter as White left, but several injuries led to true freshman Geno Smith getting some playing time as well.  Still played well enough to be in the 2009 Senior Bowl, where he backed up Tim Tebow.  Many considered Brown the best player in the Senior Bowl.

2010 - That being said, he WASN'T drafted.  The 49ers signed him as an undrafted free agent on 4/25/10, and he lasted until 9/3/2010, when he was cut.  He was signed to their practice squad 2 days later, but then released 3 days later.

He then had try outs with the Giants, Steelers, and Texans in 2010, but none merited a contract.

2011 - The Browns signed Brown on 1/8/11.  He battled it out all summer, but the Browns went with just Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace at the position, which meant Brown was waived 9/3/11.  The Colts signed him to their practice squad in November.

2012 - No idea when the Colts release Jarrett Brown, but he was a free agent trying out for the Jaguars in May of 2012.  Nothing came of the tryout.

2013 - Brown joined the BC Lions of the CFL, as a backup.

2014 - Brown played for the Spokane Shock of the AFL, as a backup.

2015 and beyond - no newer updates!

So Brown has seemingly been everywhere, but rarely ever as a starter outside of that partial 2009 football season.  If the guy could just stay healthy or get an opportunity it feels like he could shine, but so far he hasn't had that chance.  As is I guess I'll be happy to collect his cards alongside his West Virginia fans who wonder what could've been.


  1. Never heard of the guy... but he sure has a nice autograph.

    1. Ain't it a beaut? That part didn't hurt either.