Thursday, May 21, 2015

More adventures in weird Ebay Auctions

This one isn't as weird as the Brown auction from a few days ago, but still worthy of a double take.  I saw this card posted, and wasn't sure if it was the autograph version (which I figured), the /145 parallel the title said it was, or a combo of both!  It was crazy cheap so I took the risk, since I needed both of the first two and the third option would be amazing.  

So what was it?  Well just the first one...the title wasn't correct.  But I don't care since it was crazy cheap/awesome!  Here's the front:
It's kind of a crazy little subset - it looks very ttm in style given its base parallel with on-card signed autograph on the left side.  I personally love it - nice little auto on a nice little card design.

Here's the back:

As I said, not numbered - but still cool!  Love that little die cut shape.  Weird that I like die cuts now as I HATED them when I was a youngster.  Back then die cuts just meant easy to damage!

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