Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cincinnati Autos and Ze Russians

I grabbed a few autos on COMC after picking up those patches.  The two most interesting to me, mainly for the price differential, were this Johnny Cueto /35 and Raisel Iglesias RC auto:
Now, granted, Cueto is a Giant now and Iglesias' card is a RC, but it's still crazy that the Cueto cost me half of what the Iglesias cost me.  I always wanted an auto of Cueto's when he was a Red, and I've finally got one now.  I may spring for one of his older "Johnny Cueto" autos when I'm feeling a little more spendy, but for now the "Johnny" version is fine with me.

As for Iglesias, it's a shame he's been hurt lately because he is by and far the most talented Reds pitcher at the moment.  We went to a game last week where Brandon Finnegan pitched okay and the Reds had a late lead before Tony Cingrani blew the save in the 9th on a homerun by RAJAI DAVIS (his 2nd of the game).  You know things are bad for the pitching staff when Dan Straily, who moved teams twice in the offseason, is your ERA leader.  Alas, the tickets are cheap so at least I'll get to see a lot of baseball this Summer!

I also grabbed an auto of another Cincy name, this being former Bengal Jeff Blake:
I always admired Blake's rocket arm, and I dig the size of his signature, including the giant #8 on the right side of the sticker.  Blake is definitely a guy who uses all of the autograph space he can!

Two years ago in fantasy football, my wife drafted Zac Stacy #1.  He was bad for a few weeks, and I traded a few things for him in hopes that he would bounce back.  He didn't, I missed the playoffs, and my wife made it to the championship game, mocking me all the way.  So I needed a Zac Stacy card at some point:
The above auto /100 will do just fine.  I like the gold and the die cutting is cool, but that autograph is not an impressive one.

My favorite auto of the bunch belongs to Ben Watson, a pretty incredible guy who I sort of PC'd for a hot second back in the day:
A lot of these autographs on ball cards fade over time, but this surface appears synthetic and the auto hasn't faded yet so I think I'll be good.  I like the use of silver, the big loops in the signature, and another nice jersey number added to the card.  It's great to finally have an autograph of Watson, as he's not just a great receiver and blocker but also a pretty brilliant mind among football players, which makes him pretty easy to root for.

I grabbed two more cards that weren't autos, but didn't really fit anywhere else.  The first is an early career card of David Patten, Patriots Super Bowl hero, from back when he was with the Giants:
The Reserve Choice parallel was like 30 cents more than the base card, but I thought it looked cool so I sprung anyways.  I think it's pretty cool that he's pictured on an elliptical, as you don't typically see that shot on a card.  Collector's Choice used some pretty excellent photography back in the day.

And the final card is inspired by someone's blog pickup from the past few months.  I forget which blog, but they mentioned grabbing this card and I had to have my own as it's pretty quirky:
Hopefully my purchase and posting will lead to someone else's purchase and posting...and so on...and so on...and so on.  An unbreakable chain of early 90's Topps base purchases!

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