Thursday, May 26, 2016

Something completely different - Donate to or trade towards the Hunger Walk I'm doing

Thanks to those who donated so far!

So this Memorial Day, my wife decided we should do something a little different.  Rather than just grill it up and drink a lot of beers, she wanted to give back to our community by doing a Hunger Walk here in Cincinnati.  They do it every year, but it'll be our first, and it's one of those get money from pledge walks which I don't think I've done since grade school.  My link is here:

My wife already got pledges from most of our friends/family who would donate, and with a lot of mutual friends that means she has a pretty big lead on me.  So I figured I'd open it up to the cardosphere to see if anyone felt like helping me kick my wife's butt in donations.  Any little bit helps, and I'll even trade cards or COMC credit for donations if that works better for you than straight donations.  So let me know if you're interested in something like that and we can make it work!

As for the organization itself, the walk is through a place called Freestore Foodbank which does some great work here in Cincinnati helping out the less fortunate and homeless.  They do a fantastic free meal program around several holidays in the downtown area, and they also work through a place called C.A.I.N. to service similar folks in my small neighborhood of Cincinnati.  There's a lot of poverty and homelessness in Cincinnati, so the work they do is much needed and much appreciated!  So it's kind of cool to give back a little bit with the walk and some donations - Every little bit helps right?

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