Saturday, April 13, 2019

A few new (ish) cards and some bobbleheads. Hey I'm still here!

Hey everyone!  Remember when I used to blog?  Me too!  It's been a minute, partially tied into not having a laptop that isn't work related and lots of time spent on the XBox.  Recent times have made me want to post some cards though, so I finally decided too.  Here's a few!

The first is a nice Shyrone Stith card that I got for Christmas.  It was kind of on hold with a friend of a friend for a while, but I stopped buying for a bit.  It was still there though, so now it's mine!
 Cool because it's 13/20.  Super rare!

Going off cards, I was a HUGE Backyard Baseball fan as a kid.  A minor league baseball team did a Backyard Baseball night, and I mentioned it to my family because we all loved it and I thought it was cool.  My Dad went one step beyond and got us all the bobblehead for the night - the always epic Pablo Sanchez.  This thing is so cool.

I figured I'd add more bobbleheads to this post too, as I got a few for Christmas.  One was collection related...former XFLer Rod Smart (RIP AAF).

And another was also collection related...Jose Celestino Lopez!

Finally, we have a reallllly late post from Dennis of Too Many Manninghams/Verlanders/blogs.  He send me some goofy stuff, along with this Seneca Wallace card.  I already owned a copy, but this card is one of my favorite non-auto/relics of Senecas, so I was happy to add it to the family.  Thanks Dennis!

See you guys again in 2020!


  1. Good to see you posting. Nice pickups

  2. Big fan of bobbles! Just wish I had more space to display them. Anyways... glad to see you produce a post. Hope you're enjoying your X-Box time... and see you again in 2020!