Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Twitch Clips

As promised, I decided to make a page for my Twitch clips where they would all be nice and organized.  Twitch does a decent job, but I wanted to be able to easily sort the clips and add in clips I made on other people's channels.  So without further adieu, and sorted by game - SpastikMooss' Twitch Clips!

Sea of Thieves

Friday the 13th Counselor Side
Evading Jason (Reesh) in Overtime (This is technically my best clip, but hard to understand without context.  In league play, each team has 7 counselors play against the other team's Jason and then teams flip, with points scored for various things.  The two rounds of 20 minutes resulted in a tie (Mainly thanks to me dying poorly and then dying poorly as Tommy), which led to a 10 minute overtime.  Their Jason chased me for 2 minutes and 8 seconds, shifting 5 different times, but was not able to catch me.  This let my fellow counselors get a ton of stuff done and helped lead us to an overtime playoff victory!
- Look at those sweet escapes (The 4 seater getting out is in this clip and driving in this clip)
- Mid Game Podcast Parts One, Two, and Three
- Immediately after the above clip, That's true, I am an all star (I actually was one season!)

- The Shot (Worked like every time in NHL 20, here's another view)
- The Penalty Shot (Worked like every time in NHL 20)

- Thawing achievement (Yeaaaaaa I achievement hunt)

Red Dead Redemption 2

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  1. That isn't even the most terrifying White Sox card. Check out the 1978 of Chris Knapp. He looks the centerfold in Serial Killers Quarterly magazine.