Thursday, June 2, 2016

Five new Seneca Customs from Blowout

These cards were a long time in the making, as both the designer and card builder were going through a lot of life changes in the process of these cards.  They probably took about three weeks to fully design and then building was delayed for like five months due to the guy moving and changing jobs.  But I'm a patient guy, and the cards are amazing, so let's just look at them since they're here now!

The idea for these cards was to put Seneca in a few more "vintage" sets that I like.  Now I know the 1994-2002 era isn't really vintage, but it's cards that were cool to me when I was young, so I liked the idea of getting Seneca in some of those sets.  I also wanted to get more customs of Seneca with his lesser known clubs.  So definitely no Seahawks allowed, and ideally I'd end up with a Packers card, 49ers card, and Saints card (and you'll see I did).

The first one is my favorite given the incredible level of detail on the front and back.  It's kind of a hybrid of 1997 and 1998 ultra, with the 1998 ultra Basketball Gold Medallion front, and looks like this:
These are some great shots of Seneca, and I love the way that the script came out on the front.  I say the card is a hybrid of 1997 and 1998 because 1998 had the career highlights and white shading for the stats, while 1997 didn't have lines differentiating between teams within the stats.  It's great having a card that shows Seneca's entire careers stats, and it's also really neat that the designer added in the fact that Seneca was the first ever African American starting QB for the Packers.  Great card.

The next card is an homage to 1994 Collector's Choice, and after going through several signature colors we settled on the silver signature edition.  Here's the front and back of the Saints card:
We tried red and blue for the signature, but they both looked way too bold and didn't really work out.  The back is more the designer's than the actual sets, but I LOVE it because the stats are so particular.  Thing is, Seneca played only one preseason game for the Saints, and this back mentions not only the stats for that game, but also the date Seneca was cut by the Saints.  That's some impressive attention to detail.

The next card is from one of my all time favorite sets, 1995 Topps.  We went with the Cyberstats parallel, because then it was possible to have fun making up amazing stats:
After a humdrum 2011, Seneca EXPLODED in 2012 with a 92% completion percentage, 62:3 TD:INT ratio, and an additional 8 touchdowns rushing.  In reality, Seneca was a backup who didn't play at all in 2012, but had he played these very well might have been the stats he ended up with.  Obviously.

I'll put the two Browns cards together, with this other card being a nod to 2002 Pacific Adrenaline.  I've always loved the frantic blurriness of these fronts combined with the simplicity of the backs, so it was great to finally get a custom from this set:
Originally the designer messed up the height and weight on the back, and I almost kept it that way as an error card but in the end had him change it.  I also really dig the nod to the Seahawks on the back of the card - it's still a Browns card, but like with a lot of companies you still get that mismatch of uniforms due to it being a better shot for the card overall.

The last card is the 49ers custom.  It's a reference to 1998 Score, and I thin the color scheme goes very well together:
These Score backs have a lot of text going on, and the end result was a nice little writeup of Seneca's entire career.  I kind of like this card as a final card for Seneca, showcasing one of his final jerseys while also summing up what ended up being one heck of a career for the guy.

With these cards, I now have a whopping 14 customs in my Seneca Wallace collection!  It's fun to see what people can whip up while filling team gaps that the major card companies missed, so I'm sure I'll add more as time goes by!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New Redmonds from Somewhere

This title totally reminds me of a Cat Stevens song that is featured in in the excellent, amazing, wonderful movie Harold and Maude.

However, after taking a month off from posting, cards get mixed up and you forget where they came from.  So these J.R. Redmonds came from somewhere (probably COMC, but I think one is Ebay or maybe even part of a trade), but I'm unsure where.  

First is a little football piece, with a hole for the laces:
There's a lot of dead space on this card - like why wasn't the piece more centered either to the right or in the middle.  I also think this card might look better with an autograph in that top blank space.  But it's new to me, and the football piece is cool, so nice!

Speaking of autographs, the other (much better designed) card features an autograph:
I love all the yellow on this card, and Redmond always had a really great auto, so that aspect makes this card great too.  It's nice to add a few more cards to Redmond's budding PC, as he's slowly becoming one of my major PCs as I add more cards now and then.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Something completely different - Donate to or trade towards the Hunger Walk I'm doing

Thanks to those who donated so far!

So this Memorial Day, my wife decided we should do something a little different.  Rather than just grill it up and drink a lot of beers, she wanted to give back to our community by doing a Hunger Walk here in Cincinnati.  They do it every year, but it'll be our first, and it's one of those get money from pledge walks which I don't think I've done since grade school.  My link is here:

My wife already got pledges from most of our friends/family who would donate, and with a lot of mutual friends that means she has a pretty big lead on me.  So I figured I'd open it up to the cardosphere to see if anyone felt like helping me kick my wife's butt in donations.  Any little bit helps, and I'll even trade cards or COMC credit for donations if that works better for you than straight donations.  So let me know if you're interested in something like that and we can make it work!

As for the organization itself, the walk is through a place called Freestore Foodbank which does some great work here in Cincinnati helping out the less fortunate and homeless.  They do a fantastic free meal program around several holidays in the downtown area, and they also work through a place called C.A.I.N. to service similar folks in my small neighborhood of Cincinnati.  There's a lot of poverty and homelessness in Cincinnati, so the work they do is much needed and much appreciated!  So it's kind of cool to give back a little bit with the walk and some donations - Every little bit helps right?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cincinnati Autos and Ze Russians

I grabbed a few autos on COMC after picking up those patches.  The two most interesting to me, mainly for the price differential, were this Johnny Cueto /35 and Raisel Iglesias RC auto:
Now, granted, Cueto is a Giant now and Iglesias' card is a RC, but it's still crazy that the Cueto cost me half of what the Iglesias cost me.  I always wanted an auto of Cueto's when he was a Red, and I've finally got one now.  I may spring for one of his older "Johnny Cueto" autos when I'm feeling a little more spendy, but for now the "Johnny" version is fine with me.

As for Iglesias, it's a shame he's been hurt lately because he is by and far the most talented Reds pitcher at the moment.  We went to a game last week where Brandon Finnegan pitched okay and the Reds had a late lead before Tony Cingrani blew the save in the 9th on a homerun by RAJAI DAVIS (his 2nd of the game).  You know things are bad for the pitching staff when Dan Straily, who moved teams twice in the offseason, is your ERA leader.  Alas, the tickets are cheap so at least I'll get to see a lot of baseball this Summer!

I also grabbed an auto of another Cincy name, this being former Bengal Jeff Blake:
I always admired Blake's rocket arm, and I dig the size of his signature, including the giant #8 on the right side of the sticker.  Blake is definitely a guy who uses all of the autograph space he can!

Two years ago in fantasy football, my wife drafted Zac Stacy #1.  He was bad for a few weeks, and I traded a few things for him in hopes that he would bounce back.  He didn't, I missed the playoffs, and my wife made it to the championship game, mocking me all the way.  So I needed a Zac Stacy card at some point:
The above auto /100 will do just fine.  I like the gold and the die cutting is cool, but that autograph is not an impressive one.

My favorite auto of the bunch belongs to Ben Watson, a pretty incredible guy who I sort of PC'd for a hot second back in the day:
A lot of these autographs on ball cards fade over time, but this surface appears synthetic and the auto hasn't faded yet so I think I'll be good.  I like the use of silver, the big loops in the signature, and another nice jersey number added to the card.  It's great to finally have an autograph of Watson, as he's not just a great receiver and blocker but also a pretty brilliant mind among football players, which makes him pretty easy to root for.

I grabbed two more cards that weren't autos, but didn't really fit anywhere else.  The first is an early career card of David Patten, Patriots Super Bowl hero, from back when he was with the Giants:
The Reserve Choice parallel was like 30 cents more than the base card, but I thought it looked cool so I sprung anyways.  I think it's pretty cool that he's pictured on an elliptical, as you don't typically see that shot on a card.  Collector's Choice used some pretty excellent photography back in the day.

And the final card is inspired by someone's blog pickup from the past few months.  I forget which blog, but they mentioned grabbing this card and I had to have my own as it's pretty quirky:
Hopefully my purchase and posting will lead to someone else's purchase and posting...and so on...and so on...and so on.  An unbreakable chain of early 90's Topps base purchases!

Monday, May 23, 2016

When in Doubt, Buy More Patches from COMC

I'm still selling pretty well on COMC, which has been a boon to my PCs and the PCs of a few others.  But since COMC started going well for me, I think no collection has seen growth quite like my random patch collection.  I just kind of grab anything remotely cool I like, especially if it's a player I like, and the result is a very large, very random collection.  Here are some of my most recent additions:

Kevin Johnson of the Browns is actually a guy I used to PC.  I ended up changing my mind, but I'll still grab a cool card of his now and again, and this Puma patch was less than $2:
Now a lot of times label patches scream fake, but I felt good about buying this one since I own another Fleer Browns Puma patch from the same time period already:
So the two cards kind of go together, which I think is neat, especially since I remember the Tim Couch to Kevin Johnson hail mary from 1999 fondly.

I stayed in Ohio with this next card.  It's a triple practice jersey card with two NFL busts surrounding a nice three color jersey of Corey Dillion:
These jerseys have a real different texture since they're practice worn.  I thought that was a cool aspect of the card, plus it looks pretty nice and the three color is gorgeous.

I've always wanted a patch card of Daunte Culpepper for some reason.  This card fit the bill since I love the yellow stitching:

Same goes for Charlie Garner, and this barely there two color (it's at the bottom) from his days as a 49er:

The last patch of this post goes to Johnnie Morton.  Patchwork always has pretty nice patches, and this three color is no exception:
I also just love the cleanliness of this design - the player, a patch window logo in the middle - it all kind of works for me.

The last two cards here aren't patches, but they're still cards I really wanted for my PC.  One is a pro Bowl jersey of Jerry Azumah, who probably zero of you ever heard of:
He was a beastly RB at the university of New Hampshire, which is my Mom's alma mater.  The Bears drafted him in the 5th round in 1999 to return kicks and be a defensive back, and he made the Pro Bowl in 2003 as a returner after averaging 29 yards per kick and scoring two touchdowns that year.

The other non-patch is baseball, a cool little pairing of mid-late 90's CF dominance:
This card is especially neat for a few reasons.  For one, I loved the Braves as a kid and my brother loved the Indians, so this card is a good pairing of those memories for me.  For two, Lofton actually came to Atlanta around this time to play ahead of Jones, spending just one year before heading back to the Indians.  So it's kind of neat to see these two paired at this time for that reason.  Most of all though, it's just a really crisp looking card - excellent bat pieces, some great images, just all around a really cool card.  Which made it an easy buy.