Saturday, February 13, 2016

And you know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris? They call it Royale with Cheese.

So I'm going to Paris in about a month and a half.  Wife wanted to do something over my school's Spring Break, and found some (relatively) cheap plane tickets, and now that's happening.  I'm pumped - I've been to Europe once as a 23 year old (Scotland, London, and various parts of Italy over a month) and loved every minute of it.  Paris should be cool, especially the Musee d'Orsay, and we might day trip to Brugges, which would be amazing because then I can pretend to walk a mile in Colin Farrell's shoes.

So the title of this post kind of has two purposes.  One is the above Paris mention - the other is that all these cards are Crown Royale parallels from my most recent COMC purchase.  So let's check 'em out!

Occasionally these parallels are non-numbered, but still die cut.  Such is the case with two Shyrone Stith needs I picked up, which are the base and then the retail parallel:
The retail one appears to be the red tinted one, which goes really nicely with the Virginia Tech colors IMHO.

I grabbed two 2010 Crowns from several years later too.  These are both blue parallels /100:
I actually really love the way they used the team color as the accent color.  Seeing these side by side makes me also wish that Jarrett Brown had a Browns version of this card.  Couldn't be too hard to make right - just switch up the background colors a bit and photoshop in a new helmet.  That'd be cool.

I also just noticed after adding the images that Brown's card is differentiated with that little rookie banner around the 49ers logo.  That's a cool minor detail, I like the way it looks.

On next to a few /99 editions of some Crowns.  Both are B.J. Daniels, with one being a holofoil gold and one being a red:
The holofoil shines like crazy, and almost looks refractor-y or something which is cool.  The red just goes real nice with those 49ers colors - which Daniels and Jarrett Brown above both wore for such a short period of time.

I guess this post is all about matching team colors, because my 2nd to last Crown is a J.R. Redmond blue parallel /75:
I love the way they put the serial numbering stamp on the front on these - it's a nice looking stamp.

If you've been paying attention, you've probably noticed that these cards are working their ways down in terms of rarity.  So of course the last is the rarest - A Thaddeus Lewis gold parallel #'d 25/25 - always a neat bonus when the card is the final one of a print run:
I wonder where "The Champ" will end up playing last year.  After one nice start with the Browns and several nice starts with the Bills, he's wandered around from the Texans to the Eagles without getting anymore playing time.  I hope he gets another chance to start, because when he does he's a poor man's Tyrod Taylor and that ain't too bad!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Highlights of COMC Randoms, including Terrell Davis' shoe and Variations on the Music City Miracle

So I got an XBox One for Christmas, and much of the time I spent blogging or talking about cards has poured into that.  Be it Fifa 16 or Gears of War (or Peggle, or Assassin's Creed), I've just spent a lot less time on card sites.  Time is a scarce resource and all that.

Anyways, today I took a slight break from gaming to finally scan and post some of the cards I grabbed in my most recent COMC run.  There's a lot of good ones, and as always I'll show off the Non-PC stuff first.  So here goes!

The first card is so totally random, but features an NFL great RB in a very cool way.  It's also now the oldest patch card in my collection.  I give you - Terrell Davis' game worn shoe:
This card is so cool for so many reasons.  The shoe piece is two colors, and really pops.  It's rare - only 135 copies made.  It's actually game worn, and has a picture on the back of the shoe like Donruss/Playoff used to do.  And it's Terrell freakin' Davis, who was such a boss back in the day at RB.  Love this card, and it's worth every penny of COMC credit I spent on it, however much that was many months ago.

The next card I grabbed doubles of, but it's because technically the cards are very different.  Check 'em out:
Before Mike Jones tackled Kevin Dyson on the one yard line to win the 1999 Super Bowl, the Titans had some magic go in their favor with the Music City Miracle.  Frank Wycheck got hold of a kick return, threw a crossfield overhand lateral to Dyson, and Dyson scored, allowing the Titans to advance.
It's one of the coolest plays I've ever personally witnessed, and knew I had to have one of these cards when I realized it existed.  And then when I saw there are versions signed by Dyson and versions signed by Wycheck, I had to have both.  So now I do!

These next two cards are each the second patch card of their set in my collection.  Aaron Sele's Mariners patch comes from the same set as my Greg Maddux one:
And Duce Staley's patch comes from the same set as my Shaun King one: 
These both are awesome relic sets, so I need to see who else I can nab off the set list.

When Michael Sam first came out (both in the draft and as a homosexual), I was tempted to start a PC.  I never did, but now his cards are crazy cheap so I built a little trifecta.  First a patch card and an autograph:
And then two base rookies - one for each team he was on for good measure:

I also grabbed a Cleo Lemon #'d RC:
Obviously my love for Lemon comes from my love for scrappy/crappy backup QBs, as I was a big fan of what Lemon did for the Dolphins in his brief moment in the Sun back in 2007:

One nice way to get cheap low-numbered cards of random guys is to chase Leaf Rookies and Stars parallels.  It's kind of like Score parallels today where there were so many that they lost their value.  Like this Keyaron Fox RC /25, a guy who I always used in late 00's Madden, was less than $1:
And this Rashean Mathis RC /50, he of many 2004 Madden teams and who is still playing for the Lions today, was similarly cheap:

The final card of this package, and one that was long overdue, is a Chris Ogbonnaya RC autograph /699 from Bowman Sterling:
This is one of the few cases where a sticker auto works well, and I'd long been considering an Ogbonnaya auto due to his past days as a Browns RB.  He played RB during some dark days in Cleveland (though aren't they all dark?), but was always able to provide cool memories like the one below:

That'll do 'er for the randoms.  PC posts will come eventually, and will include tons of Shyrone Stith progress, lots of Crowns, and a NEW SENECA WALLACE PICKuP!  WOOHOO!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sage Player Proof - The reason I need those Nebraska cards, and an Ebay pickup to show it all off

So Sage Player Proofs are weird.  But I need two for Seneca Wallace, one auto and one relic, and so when a dude messaged me on Blowout two weeks ago I tried all I could to get one.  He wasn't satisfied outside of a trade, and so I put out my Nebraska player all call (really just rare Eric Crouch, Tommie Frazier, or Scott Frost cards in college jerseys).  And then decided to look for cheapish Proofs to possibly build up an army of them to trade in a sort of 500 cards for one scenario (we'll call that option C).

So these not hold a premium.  If you look on COMC, you can find one such Jason Campbell card, /20 and with 3 colors, for $28.25.  Sage in general, often due to the college uniforms and sticker autos, rarely holds a premium.  But I always think they're cool, so I've had a little fun looking for cheap Proofs as I build up that army.  Right now I just have one, but it was less than $5, and it's a guy I use sometimes in Madden 2004, so the card was right up my alley.

Anyways, here's Teyo Johnson's Sage Player Proof Auto #'d 1/20:
Simple design for Sage, big garish sticker as usual.  As for Johnson, he was a super fast, cheap, rookie TE in Madden 2004.  So he often was a starter from year one who turned into a legend.  Never a bad thing.

But I posted this for the weirdness of Player Proof - so here's the back:
See that write up?  That's the weird thing.  20 copies were made, with ten going to Teyo Johnsom himself and ten going into packs.  That's what makes these cards so weird - they're basically serial numbered out of ten, with a few more available depending on which aunts, uncles, grandmas, and nieces resold the Proof they were given by Teyo Johnson.  So there's a chance this card was pack pulled, but there's also a chance that Teyo Johnson gave this to his favorite college professor who then lost it by accident when moving to a new state and had it subsequently sold on Ebay by the new homeowner's precocious 14 year old son.  You never know.

However it came to me, it really shows how badly I need some Nebraska cards to trade this guy, since Seneca's proofs are really /10s with some weird extra cards hanging around in the collection of family members.

Friday, January 15, 2016

The gift that keeps on giving

So, I recently completed my Corey Alston collection, which for a while I figured would be my first complete master set, depending on John Clifford.  See, Alston has 14 cards to his name, which were all fairly findable.  Clifford only has three, which would seemingly be easier to complete (since I already had one in hand), but is also trickier since they're all minor league cards only available on the Beckett Marketplace, where I rarely shop.

I typically ask for those Marketplace cards at birthdays and Christmas, and I did so with Clifford's 1997 Salem Avalanches card on my birthday.  I got some cool stuff, but not the Avalanches card, so I asked for it again this Christmas.  And I got it - huzzah!

Funny thing is, my Dad actually bought it for me on my birthday - but then forgot about the package. He found it a month or two later, and was like okay...guess that's a Christmas gift now.  So when I asked for it again, it was all too perfect.  And now, after Christmas, Clifford's card is finally home!
I love the coloration - you can definitely tell the Avalanche were a Rockies minor league team at the time.  I also dig that the cards are sponsored by Kroger, since that's the grocery chain I know and love now that I live in Ohio.  Growing up it was all Stop and Shop and Julio's and Shaws, but that ish is long gone now.  Final thing I love?  THAT FONT ON THE JERSEY!  Just look at it - that is so glorious.  Love this card.

Here's the back, which likely features the longest write-up on Clifford in cardboard form since the other card I have has less writing on it:
Sad news about the Salem Avalanche.  After being a Rockies affiliate from 1996-2002 and an Astros affiliate from 2003-2008, they became the Salem Red Sox, and now have a way more boring logo.  But I guess they've actually been around forever in various forms - as the Salem Buccaneers, Redbirds, Pirates, and Rebels way back in 1955.  They've rostered dudes from Moises Alou to Tim Wakefield to Larry Walker to Orlando Cepeda to Mookie Betts.  And John Clifford.  That's quite the history!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bob Walk sends me a HOF trade package!

My trade bait post a little while back started a trade brewing between me and Bob Walk the Plank.  The trade idea was good and bad - good because I love new trade partners, but bad because it reminded me that I still have yet to nominate Bob Walk for my HOF (womp womp womp)

That day will come, but despite that major oversight, BWTP was nice enough to send a few pieces of excellent cardboard my way.  The best being this big ol' slab of bat of HOF record holder Ken Griffey Jr.:
I've always liked this set, as I used to own the Fred McGriff back when I collected him.  The colors go really well, and it provides a nice big photo of the player swinging on the left.  Plus it's Griffey.  So that's never bad at all.

BWTP sent one other card, with a note saying that he "hoped it would be considered a patch for my patch collection."  I would say...heck yes!
It's a nice two color patch of Roy Oswalt, and it almost looks logo-ish (though it's probably a name plate or something) so it definitely fits my collection.  Getting this card made me think about the Oswalt kind of pitchers out there - who are big for their generation, but not at that Maddux/Koufax level (or even like Javier Vazquez level) to garner a lot of HOF attention.  Some of Oswalt's Baseball Reference comps include Bret Saberhagen, Justin Verlander, Cliff Lee, Chris Carpenter, Tim Hudson, Schoolboy Rowe, and John Candelaria.  All pretty good pitchers, many aces of their teams, and well remembered by their generation, but not likely to be remembered forever.  In 20 years if I talk about this card 25 year olds of that day will be like "Who the heck is Roy Oswalt?"  And that's kind of weird to think about.

Anyways, he also finished his career with the Rockies.  Which is random/cool.  Too bad he doesn't have a Rockies relic to match this one!

Anyways, thanks for the awesome relics BWTP!