Monday, May 25, 2015

Dennis sends awesomeness my way - Part 2 of 3 featuring DeMeco Ryans!

My brothers get mentioned from time to time on here (one is 3 years younger than me, the other is 6.5 years younger and just graduated college), and it's the youngest one that really spurs some of my weirder card collecting sprees.  We all loved sports in my family, but that youngest brother was the most into Madden/football/cards like me, and so we definitely shared that bond.  A big piece of that was the Houston Texans franchise upon its return to the NFL - we both loved Expansion teams and the Texans were very much that.  Tony Boselli, Jamie Sharper, David Carr, Dominick Davis and others quickly became frequent topics of conversation for us, even though the Texans were never very good.  

One guy that quickly became my brother's favorite player though, at least for a while, was DeMeco Ryans.  He was a 2nd round pick in 2006, and over the next six years he won Defensive Rookie of the Year, made two Pro Bowls, and was a first team All Pro.  He then was let go by the Texans, and signed on with Phily, where he has played the last couple of years.  He reminds me a bit of former Patriots safety Lawyer Milloy in that he doesn't show up a ton on the turnover side of the statsheet, instead just being a tackling machine who makes players think twice about going over the middle.  So he's well worth being a favorite player, and given the good memories he brings up, I figured he was worth collecting too, so that's why I collect DeMeco Ryans.

But you clicked this post for the cards.  Here they are - a two card lot that Dennis won for me on Ebay.  First is a nice little sticker auto:
I kinda dig this "INTENSE" Score with the splattered paint effect...reminds me of the WWE.
The backs are simple, but nice.  I just wish there was a little more write up than just the certification...but I'm not gonna complain much about a card numbered /249!

The nicer card of the two is definitely this rookie from Bowman Sterling: fancy (even if they could have centered the auto a little better!)
And that's more what I'm talking about in terms of backs...lots of information, good write up, solid stats - all around good.  I dig the whole framed portrait thing too - really a very classy card from a pretty high end set.  Happily Dennis was able to grab it for much cheaper than it probably cost back in 2006!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dennis sends awesomeness my way - Part 1 of 3 featuring sweet patches, Aaron Hernandez, and multiple 1/1's!

Dennis of the Too Many blogs and I have a good thing going.  I find him Michigan stuff on COMC, he finds me goodies at shows and on other card sites.  Sometimes we then swap those piles.  It's basically the most beautiful relationship that has ever existed between someone from Michigan and someone from Ohio.

This package was even more awesome than usual, if that's even possible.  I was able to handpick some of the items for it that Dennis grabbed at nice prices, but other stuff was a complete/amazing surprise, so that was great too.  But let's just get right into it!
First the obligatory Aaron Hernandez mention on Dennis' Index card.  Of course...and reassuring to know that my blog is finally safe!

Related to that, somewhat, is this sweet patch card of Deion Branch.  Related, you see, because Branch is one of the best Patriots of all time:
He was a Seahawk here, but man that is one helluva patch.
Nice numbering too!  This is one of those Christmas card type cards as Baseball Card Breakdown always puts them - 12/25.  Sadly you probably won't be getting this one sir, but you are free to gaze upon its awesomeness!

Next is a whole bunch of cards - a trio of Thaddeus Lewis Sage Hit cards, and then stickers of Billy Hamilton and Chris Ogbonnaya:
I collect Billy Hamilton, but this sticker will go on my binder rather than in my collection.  As for Ogbonnaya, I have fond memories of him briefly breaking out in Cleveland a few years back, so I will definitely add his sticker to my binder too!  And as for the Thads, I swear that Dennis has 4,000 copies of every card in that 2010 Sage Hit collection, and somehow I always end up needing them.  Someday he may as well just send the whole shebang to me since it'll inevitably end up here anyways piece by piece!

That wasn't the only card of "The Champ" featured.  The package also included this EPIC O's auto, /25:
I already grabbed another auto /25 on the cheap, so to have 2 /25 autos this soon is amazing!  The proof is in the serial numbered pudding:
5/25 - hey that day's coming up soon!

Moving on - this card is just an awesome relic.  I have a cool patch/relic collection, and Dennis found this for cheap at a show.  I think it's well worth inclusion:
I count 6 stars on the football, plus like a third of a seventh.  Easily the most stars I've ever seen in a single football relic card.  In other's awesome!

Getting near the end of this first post, Dennis was able to snatch up another scrambly QB card, this B.J. Daniels auto:
I LOVE how crisp this looks.  And it's /49, which is pretty darn neat.
The back is really fancy too - I love all the gold highlights to make this somewhat of a classy set.

You know what kind of gold I love even more?  GOLDEN Deduno!
Five more added to the set, which puts me at eight now.  Man I love this card.  It literally never gets old for me.

But I saved the best for last.

When Dennis and I were first discussing this package, there were three printing plates of one of my new guys on Ebay.  I told Dennis that if he could grab any of them, that'd be awesome.  He was able to get 2 of the 3 (the third one went for like $20, which is way too much!).

Here are the two Brayan Peña plates, marking my first two 1/1's for his collection!
The card on the left is technically the mini version - it's just blown up here.  But in general it's very cool - one version represents 2014 Topps, and the other represents 2014 Topps update.  Here are the backs:
Told ya the cyan one was a mini!  As usual I love the backs of printing plates.  I also think it's kind of neat that the cyan one has some pink on the back too.  Makes it sort of a magenta-plateish type thing.  Can't ever hate on that.

So that does 'er for the first post - the next two will introduce two guys whose collections I'm just getting started.  So stick around for all sorts of other goodies in the next few days!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

More adventures in weird Ebay Auctions

This one isn't as weird as the Brown auction from a few days ago, but still worthy of a double take.  I saw this card posted, and wasn't sure if it was the autograph version (which I figured), the /145 parallel the title said it was, or a combo of both!  It was crazy cheap so I took the risk, since I needed both of the first two and the third option would be amazing.  

So what was it?  Well just the first one...the title wasn't correct.  But I don't care since it was crazy cheap/awesome!  Here's the front:
It's kind of a crazy little subset - it looks very ttm in style given its base parallel with on-card signed autograph on the left side.  I personally love it - nice little auto on a nice little card design.

Here's the back:

As I said, not numbered - but still cool!  Love that little die cut shape.  Weird that I like die cuts now as I HATED them when I was a youngster.  Back then die cuts just meant easy to damage!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Super Important Info for Dick Murphy Collectors

I was strolling COMC a few nights back, and found a card that is a must have for any Dick Murphy collector.  So for any of you that do collect this amazing beast of a man:

Get 'em now while supplies last!

And also, you're welcome!

(And also, there used to be a lot more of these COMC errors a few months back as they adjusted away from Beckett's checklist.  Now they are few and far between - but when they occur they're never not amazing!).

Sunday, May 17, 2015

More Browns Backup QB Goodness - Thad Lewis from Ebay

Right before I found the Jarrett Brown auto from my last post, I was able to purchase a Thaddeus Lewis auto very cheap on Ebay as well.  I'll get to the awesome card, but first I wanted to show off how the seller packaged it - by surrounding it with older base (yay!):
I love when sellers use cards as cardboard.  The Andre Dawson easily takes the cake here, but Tim Flannery also stands out as a former favorite of the blog Padrographs.  Good stuff.

But let's get to that auto - it's a real beaut:
This one here is the Mirror Gold edition of Lewis' Leaf Certified auto.  As is typical, Leaf numbered this to just 25 copies, as you can see on the back:
A gorgeous card for sure, and a huge get for my collection, especially at like $2 shipped.  Guess that's why it pays to collect backups and never weres!

So why do I collect Thaddeus Lewis?  Well like Jarrett Brown, he's got the backup QB/past competition with Seneca Wallace thing going.  Differently, he actually won a competition with Seneca Wallace, ending up one of four quarterbacks who saw game action for the 2012 squad.  Brandon Weeden started the first 15 games of the year, but when he was hurt in Week 17 and nothing counted, the Browns turned to "The Champ" (his actual nickname - too cool!) to battle the Steelers.  And while Thad did not win out that day, he showed enough ability to finish with a QB rating of 83.3, which actually bested Weeden's season mark.  Very impressive.

In typical Browns fashion, they still let him go, and the next season Lewis was in Buffalo backing up E.J. Manuel.  He ended up getting 5 starts in Buffalo (he went 2-3) with 4 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.  The rest of the numbers weren't pretty, but Lewis still seemed the better QB given he had a better completion %, more yards per attempt, more yards per completion, and fewer interceptions per pass than Manuel.  But Buffalo, like Cleveland, let him go as well.

Last season Lewis sat on the free agency wire with Seneca Wallace, but when the Texans were decimated by QB injuries, they picked Lewis up.  He proceeded to play in 6 games but accumulate no stats, and once again, a team let him go.

But now, and very excitedly for me, Lewis' career has come full circle.  The Browns, with Johnny Football on the mend, Connor Shaw unproven, and Josh McCown fluky, signed Lewis in the offseason to join their QB ranks.  There's now a very good chance he sticks around as backup QB and, if that happens, and even better chance he sees some playing time behind McCown.  So part of my desire to collect Lewis is to once again have a scrappy backup QB to actively root for every Sunday like I used to with Seneca Wallace.  Hopefully Lewis plays well enough that he earns it and, if he does, may he never let go of that starter's spot!