Saturday, November 28, 2015

Another COMC 100 - PC Baseball Stuff and a New Printing Plate has me feeling ex-Choo-berant

Alright, so the pun is bad, but the plate is so cool!
This marks my first Indians plate of Choo, and I now have one from his time with the Reds, one from the Indians, and three from the Rangers.  If I can find a Mariners one somewhere I'll have one from every team the guy has played for which would be cool beans.

I picked up a non-plate of Choo as well - this real nice looking chrome card from Choo's Reds days:
Real shame that Choo priced himself out of the Reds' budget.  Great American played well to Choo's strengths and it was really fun watching him play for the one season it was here.

While I was grabbing up Choos and other PC needs, someone listed a cheap Deduno Bowman card.  So I snatched that up REAL quick for the collection:
Amazing, as always.

I also grabbed a bunch of Elizardo Ramirezes.  First a nice Gold rookie of his:

Then this shiny Heritage card:
And finally a beautiful Bowman Chrome card that shines so nicely:

I tend to put my Griffey Jr. collection on the backburner since there's so many cards of his to get, but this Bowman's Best card was pretty cool.  It actually started with me, then moved to Dennis, and then back to me in a trade:
And after grabbing one Griffey, I decided I might as well grab this oddball Jam Pac card too.  COMC had it in a weird Marked to Return bucket because they couldn't find a description for it.  I made an offer so it'd be returned with me:

Last but not least, a little mini Brayan Peña Gold /63:
I have a mini printing plate of this card too, so it's neat to be able to see the plate and the card side by side.

Just a few more COMC posts left - all football PC stuff and a lot of it is pretty cool!

Friday, November 27, 2015

GSNHOF Nominee - Jaquiski Tartt

I love when I'm watching a football night game and some awesome name comes up in the starting lineups.  Recently this happened during a 49ers game, when Jaquiski Tartt was mentioned.  Who is he?  Well, here's some dude live-You tubing the 49ers pick or Tartt in the 2015 draft:

Here's a photo if that tells you more:

Tartt has kind of a cool story - he didn't play football until his senior year of high school (He was a basketball player).  He ended up at Samford university, and now has a chance of becoming the best player to ever attend that school and end up in the NFL (his only real competition is Cortland Finnegan).  And that would be awesome, because Finnegan is a punk who thankfully once received his comeuppance:

Tartt is currently the starting SS for the 49ers, and given the state of their defense he should be able to start there for a while.  So best of luck to Tartt in earning a long NFL career, and a place along the elite of the GSNHOF!

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Shop "Local" - Check out my COMC Black Friday Sale (and the sales of other sellers as I get them!)

So COMC, as usual, is doing a Black Friday promotion for buyers and sellers.  On the seller side, we get a few opportunities for free sales.  On the buyer side, you get free shipping when buying 20+ cards, plus lower prices since there are so many sales!

The Shlabotnik Report did a little plug for his sale and mentioned that others could hype theirs up in his comment section, so I figured I'd do something similar here.  So below I'll post links for my sale, his sale, and any others people care to share (either post in the comments or email me), and you readers can feel free to check the sales out if you wish.  Happy browsing!

My port (55% off my normal prices through Sunday)

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And remember, feel free to comment or email me if you want to add your port to this list!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Another COMC 100 - JOSE!

I grabbed a lot of PC stuff in my latest COMC binge, but by far the most cards I grabbed of one guy was Jose Lopez.  I ended up with something like 20 cards of his - I'll show my favorite nine here.

My favorite card of his that I picked up is yet another BBM card, this one from 2013.  Even though Lopez seems to be done playing in the states, he's been around in Japanese baseball since 2015:
His first season in Japan with the Yomiuri Giants went very well, with a .303/.346/.480 slash and 18 homers.  In season two he dropped back a bit, which ended up with Lopez moving to the Yokohoma DeNA Baystars for 2015.  He had probably his best season in Japanese baseball yet with the Baystars, including 25 homers and 73 RBI, so I hope to someday grab a 2015 card of Jose's from his new team!

Most of the rest of the cards I grabbed were all slight parallels of one another.  Like I grabbed his Diamond Kings card and the blue frame parallel /100:

As well as these Turkey Red Red and Turkey Red White parallels:

This Xfractor is a parallel of a Chrome card I already own.  I think the Xfractor shine goes really well with the Seattle colors:

And then these cards look nearly the same minus the crop but are from entirely different years.  I guess that's called stance consistency:

The last Lopez I'll show off here is a jersey card of his that I picked up.  I actually used to own one of these, but gave it to my little brother many moons ago since he's also a Lopez fan.  Now I have my own All Star Stitches card:
Crazy to think Jose Lopez was ever an All Star, especially since it was for a season where he hit just 10 homers and had an OPS+ of 89.  I guess that's life as a second sacker in the MLB!

Monday, November 23, 2015


So, as with any good COMC purchase, I grabbed a bunch of Mike James cards!  Here's the best ones.

The best of the best is probably this TSC Beam Team auto:
Love me some Beam Team.  Especially since James threw in his jersey number.

Here'a a Chrome Refractor that's pretty dang nice.  Love how these pop:

I'm getting to know these Trademark Moves cards pretty well.  This is the Swish parallel, which has a nice little shot of James j-ing up a three:
And then here's the regular card, which sports an awesome headband:
I was also able to get the headband card in the wood auto parallel, which is #'d out of just out of 19!  That's very cool:

One last card, and another auto.  It's this Mike James sticker auto from Limited:

You don't hear much about the football Mike James these days given how well Doug Martin has been playing.  Plus his backups have been Charles Sims and Bobby Rainey.  So James was actually cut and signed to the Practice Squad, which isn't awesome but is interesting.  At least there's still a Mike James still around!