Monday, May 23, 2016

When in Doubt, Buy More Patches from COMC

I'm still selling pretty well on COMC, which has been a boon to my PCs and the PCs of a few others.  But since COMC started going well for me, I think no collection has seen growth quite like my random patch collection.  I just kind of grab anything remotely cool I like, especially if it's a player I like, and the result is a very large, very random collection.  Here are some of my most recent additions:

Kevin Johnson of the Browns is actually a guy I used to PC.  I ended up changing my mind, but I'll still grab a cool card of his now and again, and this Puma patch was less than $2:
Now a lot of times label patches scream fake, but I felt good about buying this one since I own another Fleer Browns Puma patch from the same time period already:
So the two cards kind of go together, which I think is neat, especially since I remember the Tim Couch to Kevin Johnson hail mary from 1999 fondly.

I stayed in Ohio with this next card.  It's a triple practice jersey card with two NFL busts surrounding a nice three color jersey of Corey Dillion:
These jerseys have a real different texture since they're practice worn.  I thought that was a cool aspect of the card, plus it looks pretty nice and the three color is gorgeous.

I've always wanted a patch card of Daunte Culpepper for some reason.  This card fit the bill since I love the yellow stitching:

Same goes for Charlie Garner, and this barely there two color (it's at the bottom) from his days as a 49er:

The last patch of this post goes to Johnnie Morton.  Patchwork always has pretty nice patches, and this three color is no exception:
I also just love the cleanliness of this design - the player, a patch window logo in the middle - it all kind of works for me.

The last two cards here aren't patches, but they're still cards I really wanted for my PC.  One is a pro Bowl jersey of Jerry Azumah, who probably zero of you ever heard of:
He was a beastly RB at the university of New Hampshire, which is my Mom's alma mater.  The Bears drafted him in the 5th round in 1999 to return kicks and be a defensive back, and he made the Pro Bowl in 2003 as a returner after averaging 29 yards per kick and scoring two touchdowns that year.

The other non-patch is baseball, a cool little pairing of mid-late 90's CF dominance:
This card is especially neat for a few reasons.  For one, I loved the Braves as a kid and my brother loved the Indians, so this card is a good pairing of those memories for me.  For two, Lofton actually came to Atlanta around this time to play ahead of Jones, spending just one year before heading back to the Indians.  So it's kind of neat to see these two paired at this time for that reason.  Most of all though, it's just a really crisp looking card - excellent bat pieces, some great images, just all around a really cool card.  Which made it an easy buy.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

One man's pack pull from 2003 is another man's treasure, or when Old Fogies find the internet

Sometimes you meet people in the hobby who have been away for a while but used to be huge buyers "back in the day."  I often find that these people have some crazy valuations about cards, especially their cards, and it can take some time to talk trades of purchases before you find something reasonable.  But it's often worth it in the end, even if it can be a bit headachy in the process.  This is one of those stories.

The guy messaged me first on Blowout, as a fairly new member with like ten posts to his name.  He mentioned he was returning to the hobby and that he busted a ton of college product around the turn of the century.  He kept any teams/players that interested him, meaning he had a fairly substantial collection of cards of various college players, including Seneca Wallace.  I needed just one of the cards, but it's one I had never seen before, so I was hooked.  So the fun began.

I first offered to buy it outright, but he said he'd rather trade for certain Nebraska players.  

So I looked some up and found a few he might like.  But he said they wouldn't be enough, because the Seneca was one of his better pulls back in the day and, as he put it, it was one of the key value cards should he ever decide to sell his Iowa State cards as a group.

Key card?  It's like a $20 card!

That sucked to hear, but it was his card so he had the right to price as he wished, and since he had been away for a bit his pricing was a  So I went digging.  And I found this beautiful dual on-card auto of Roger Craig and Tommie Frazier /50:
Thinking to myself that a dual on-card auto of two of the best players to play for this dude's favorite college was an easy trade, I offered it to him via Blowout.

And he said NO.  His reasons:
1. It's not numbered (which IT IS, on the back, out of /50)
2. Roger Craig signs a lot, so his autos aren't that rare (fair enough)
3. It's not a rookie card or anything (Tommie Frazier has precious few rookie cards and the guy only needed the crazy rare ones, like me with Seneca.  So this wasn't gonna happen for me)

Needless to say, value wise and in regards to point #1, I was not a happy trader.  I answered totally nicely and said I'd keep digging, but IMnotsoHO, this was PLENTY for the Seneca Proof.  So as I fumed, I messaged Dennis of Too Many Manninghams, and in the process of our convo he jokingly found a few rare-ish/cheap-ish Nebraska cards on COMC, just for funzies (It was like a plate, an auto /25 of some QB, and a jersey card I think).  

And then we joked about how it'd be funny if I offered those cards to the guy for the Seneca.

So I did.

And it worked.  

I was stunned.

Even more stunning - the guy was really appreciative of the digging (we) did, and said he thought he had some Shyrone Stiths and Rod Smarts too so he'd look for those.  He didn't find any new Smarts, but he did find quite a few Stiths I needed, including one /15.  

So he made everything well worth my while, and I ended up sending him the dual auto /50 too because it's better in his PC than mine.  It just took...a while, as things sometimes can when old box breakers return to the hobby these days.  But it was well worth it, and it turns out he has some J.R. Redmonds I might need too, so it looks like we'll probably end up trading again down the line.  All's well that ends well.

All that said, you probably expected to see some cards.  So here's the new cards haul - only five, though he sent like 20.  All the Rod Smarts were doubles and then I had a few incorrectly listed Shyrone Stiths on my list so those "new" cards ended up not being new.  But these ones were:
The EG is /5000, and the Metal card is the base version.  I've had the Emerald parallel for a while but finding the base turned out to be difficult AF.  No longer.

He also sent this Leaf Red Preview XX/50 that I swear I had:
Turns out I was just watching it on Ebay for a while.  Again, no longer.

Then there's the epic /15 card that's new.  He apologized for the condition/chipping, as it's a tricky set to find mint condition for.  I laughed because condition is never a big deal for me, especially with rare cards of PC needs:
I LOVE the purple with the Virginia Tech colors here - this is a really slick card.

And then of course there's the card that started it all.  Seneca's Sage Jersey Player Proof /20.  It's a nice little two color:
I love the way Sage hand numbers their cards, and the disclaimer on the back about the first ten cards being inserted in packs and the last ten belonging to Seneca is pretty cool as well.  I wonder what Seneca did with his ten copies?  The world may never know.

And that's how I ended up with two huge PC gets under /20.  May all your interactions with hobby returners be just as fruitful in the coming months!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Great COMC Post #3 - The Other Cool Football PC Stuff

So I grabbed a TON of football PC stuff this time around.  Rather than bore you with 15 posts on all the different players, I figured I'd put it all in one cool post.  Here goes.

First, I bumped up my Deion Branch collection a lot.  I especially tried to grab relics - and I think I did pretty well.
Dude has so many Seahawks relics, but that's all good.  None of the above were patchy at all, but it added some nice umph to my collection anyway, and I really like the Pristine Pats jersey swatch!

I grabbed a few more low numbered Lamont Brightful cards.  These specific two both suffer from same picture:

I like how they changed the field colors for each shot - the left one almost looks like a bad space movie with the purplish blue thrown in as well.

I grabbed some Woody Dantzlers too - the card on the right is a sample:
The card on the left is from Pacific Adrenaline, which I love.  I have a Seneca Wallace in the works if it ever gets physically made!

I grabbed a bunch of Gay cards too (No Homo).  I honestly hate when my 7th graders say No Homo...but I do love me some Ben Gay:

This Preferred card is easily one of the coolest cards I own now.  The colors just go so well:

Also I used to own the Fleer ultra card on the right.  A rare case of a Mooss rebuy after the fact.

My Thad Lewis collection also got a big boost.  I especially like the textured Silver Sage Hit card on the right here:

And the auto is nothing to shake a stick at!

My biggest PC gain was J.R. Redmond though.  I grabbed like 20 base, inserts, and parallels, and these are some of my faves:

The one on the left is /10:

And it wouldn't be an epic COMC buy without some major PC needs.  2nd biggest PC Shyrone Stith got three cards added, including this Limited Series Crown card /144:

I think these were my two favorite though.  The left card is a Prestige Red /100. The right is a Quantum Leaf Infinity Green /75:
Both awesome parallels, and I can't wait to hopefully show off the Infinity Purple /15 someday soon!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Great COMC Post #2 - Parallels

Parallels can be really cool.  Here's a few series I grabbed on my most recent COMC run.

First a bunch of Bowman Brightfuls:
The best card is the chrome gold /50 in the middle.  It's weird seeing Brightful listed as a WR though, because he wasn't really a WR in the NFL.

Some Rookie and Stars parallels:
Love the darkening of the red for the Longevity version.  Even if Brightful's career didn't really have any longevity to it...

I got a few Deion Branch jersey parallels too:
It's kind of weird he was ever a Seahawk.  It sort of fills like he was a Seahawk for half a season, though it was actually four and a third seasons.

Finally, Thad Lewis got in on the parallel fun a few times.  First with some Make Ready parallels /50:
I guess these are supposedly some of the first test runs with each plate.  I think they look pretty neat.

I also grabbed his Gridiron Gear base, along with the /250 X's and O's versions:
There are a stupid amount of parallels in this subset.  And yes they exist for both the Xs and the Os.

And finally, auto parallels:
The top red one is more rare than the base - the bottom silver one is more rare than the red.  And I have a gold tinted one too that's even rarer!

I love looking at the subtle differences between parallels.  Next up - the final post of some football PC goodness!