Monday, December 15, 2014

Holy shit snacks! A wild 1/1 approaches...with a backstory!

Feels like I have been stuck on 4 Seneca Wallace 1/1's (out of 28) for FOREVER.  Last one I grabbed was in early 2013 for darn sakes.

Well all that changed last week.  Now, I have FIVE.  Only this one is especially special...because I thought it was gone forever a few years ago.

Like many of you probably do, I keep a list of cards I need for my collection.  Like somewhat less of you probably do, I note when rarer cards pop up, so I will have a reference in the future regarding sale prices.  Like even less of you probably do (but hopefully nonzero), I will occasionally note specific sellers of these cards, in hopes that down the line I can message them or something about the card in question.

Well with this card, I found it in an Ebay auction (via Google) several years ago.  The auction had ended, but it did not really matter anyways as the lot sold for like $802 so I was kind of out of luck.  Assuming the buyer bought to resell, I messaged the original seller to see if he could hook me up with that guy's name.  But the seller said the buyer claimed he had never received and that it was a sore subject (understandable...who wants to refund someone $800+ when you did your part?) I noted his name and the auction, but otherwise the path ended there.

So years went by...I assumed the card was lost...and then this pops up on Ebay the other day with a $50 BIN/OBO:

I was so pumped, beyond pumped, and almost immediately offered a decent price that was accepted.  But THEN I was the magenta version...the one that went missing in the Ebay auction gone foul so many years ago:

I still had the original seller's name, so I messaged him to let him know.  He remembered the general situation, but could not remember the scammer's name, and seemed to want to move on.  I also asked the new seller about it, as his name seemed familiar and I swore he had a few more cards from that $800+ lot.  He just told me he got this card "in a lot a while back," and while that opened a can of worms for me, the original seller figured to just let bygones be bygones.

So on the one hand, I wish I could've solved this case - even if I had to give up this card, it would've been nice to get the original seller his money back, even if he doesn't really seem to care any more.

But on the other hand, I am SO EXCITED for this card.  It is my 5th plate (of 20), 5th 1/1 (of 28), and most importantly, 2nd plate from 2009 Mayo.  All I need is Black and Yellow and I will have the full set (and every card of Seneca's from 2009).

So happy day!  I'm glad this card made it's way back into the universe...and to me.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Checking what condition my condition is in (mail dump)

Don't call it a comeback (because it is

So I started posting 4-5 times a week, and I was really digging that over the Summer.  But then a few things happened all at once.

Work (which is awesome) got busy.

My wife's store (which is awesome) got busy.

And so the blog died.

(Also it has been real hard to pick up cards of my guys now that I am close to fruition for everything but Shyrone Stith...and I will be close to him after an upcoming COMC shipment).

All that said, I am still much alive in the card world, especially on COMC, where I have sold well over a thousand cards now!  So I find new pickups for the PC now and then and figured I would share a few.  Here they are...and take a peek because you (literally) never know when I may post again!

The first is an upgrade on a sick Seneca patch.  Here is the old one...a slight 3 color on a jersey that is typically one color.

What can best that?  How about a DEFINITE three color of a home jersey, courtesy of Ebay?

Sweet right?  Here is a close-up.
I think this is the 4th time I have upgraded this card.  And I will continue to do so if I keep finding more awesome versions of this card.  Go figure.

The back, for serial numbered-ness.

Continuing is a near Shyrone Stith I grabbed on Ebay recently.  It is one of the old Pacific Premiere date cards where they slap a stamp on it and make it rare due to its place in the production run.  And I love artificial 25/55 is good for me.


Here is an AWESOME card I got from Ebay of Seneca that looks way better in person.  It is the gold version of his Tradition Autographics card...and IRL the gold aspects look so sexy.
On the internets they just look okay.  You guys will have to come over to check it out.  Lets make it a potluck?

I dig the NFL team border...missing those Texans though...damn past.

The last two cards do not fit a specific PC, but they are dead sexy nonetheless.  Dennis sent me this guy out of the blue...said he got it at a card show for $1 and thought he remembered I liked the guy.
YES PLEASE!  I was looking for a reasonably priced one of these for FOREVER...I would say $1 is more than reasonable.

Also I totally would have collected Woody over Rod Smart...but I found out there is a guy who has like every good Woody card ever, including one of the nicest one of ones I ever saw.  So I will settle for a cool card like this now and then instead.

Last card was a Summer birthday present, but the Ebay shipper took his sweet time.  Family visited for Thanksgiving and my Dad brought it with him...better late than never Ebay folks!
Again...this one is better in person.  THAT SHINE THO.
And ze back...42/100...just the kind of scarcity I like!

And that about does 'er.  Hope you liked 'em...stay tuned sooner than later for my Black Friday gets from COMC!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wild Card Wednesday #3 - So Tired

School is in full swing, and theres so much to do.  Got a brand new kid today and our first big test is coming up so my caseload kids need prepped.  New kid especially so as he's several grade levels behind.

In-laws will be in town this weekend for a craft show, so I've been psychotically cleaning the house all day.  Today was organizing and dusting, tomorrow the vacuum and floor wax come out.

I played with our newish kitten for a bit so she wont wake us up at 3am.  Now she's asleep in my lap. She's also tired.

Life is good.

But I'm so tired.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Madden '04 Monday #6 - James Wofford

Name: James Wofford

Game Image: 

Example of Banks on Cardboard:
James Wofford has 3 cards to his name, all versions of his 2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars base.  Here's a copy from COMC

Video: No video to be found.  I did find that the most famous James Wofford is a horse jockey.  There's also a James Wofford with dreads who lives in my county and has been arrested a few times - not the same guy though, he's way too young.

Team and Position on Depth Chart in Madden '04: Wofford, 25, is 5th on the Vikings RB depth chart.  Only four guys fit into the depth chart, so it's kind of amazing he even made the team for this game.  Ahead of Wofford are Michael Bennet (86), Moe Williams (74), Onterrio "Whizzanator" Smith (67), and Doug Chapman (65).

Some Notable Ratings: Wofford is a 53 overall, the 2nd lowest ranked RB in the game (worst is Shyrone Stith).  His 80 acceleration and 62 break tackle ratings are okay.  But everything else is bad, from his 80 speed to 35 awareness to 58 carry (basically an instant fumble at that point).

Professional Career: Wofford was undrafted out of UNLV in 2001 by the Vikings, and was one of the team's final cuts to get to 53 players.  He was re-signed in January of 2002 and received high praise from coach Mike Tice, who called Wofford "probably the best pure RB on the roster."  Injuries and competition set Wofford back though, and while he was rostered in 2002 he did not see any meaningful playing time despite being in nine games.  He hung around during the preseason in 2003, but eventually lost the final RB job to Larry Ned, and never saw an NFL roster again.

Here are his preseason stats year by year, which show a decline over time:

2001 - 23 carries for 101 yards, 1 catch for 8 yards

2002 - 26 carries for 57 yards, 1 tackle, 1 fumble recovered (he played a bit with Shaun Hill, aka the opening day starter for the Rams this year - stunned that guy is still around!)

2003 - 10 carries for 14 yards, 1 other carry for 6 yards erased by penalty

Why do I remember him? I loved picking guys with low ratings and guys with dreads - Wofford had both going for him.  He usually was the third down or goal line back for my teams with Shyrone Stith, as he is a little better than Stith in the game (mainly due to his +4 speed).

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Seller Recap - something for Night Owl and Dodger fans!

COMC Weekly Stats
Cards Sold in the last week: 82
Total money earned from those sales: 62.47
Profit made on those sales (sale cost-initial cost of purchase): 5.71
Cards bought in the last week: 87
Total price paid for those cards: 85.08
Total net credit for the week (Total money earned - Total price paid): -22.61
Net Credit since I began this blog segment: $49.46
Most Recent Sale: 2013 Chrome Francisco Liriano, bought for 11 cents, sold for 12 cents

A decent net loss this week, but that always happens after a port sale - you then have to spend money to refill the port!  I bought a lot of big ticket items this week and already sold a few, so hopefully when even more sell I'll end up with some nice profits!

Best Sales of the Week
3rd most profit: Bought a bunch of autos for 50 cents recently.  This Olsen was one of them, and it sold this morning for a cool $1.20.  70 cents in profit!

2nd most profit: I took a chance on some pricey cards this week, one of which was a Giancarlo Stanton Auto at $22.28.  I noticed that one guy had like 12 of them all $15 higher, so I messaged him about buying mine and he agreed to for $23.75.  So a $1.47 profit!

Most profit made on a single card: The winner of the week is definitely a Derek Jeter RC I bought though.  I got it for $7.50 in a sale, it sold for $9.21.  All told, a $1.71 profit.

How did last week's focus cards do?
I sold them all except one Soler.  Only about 20 cents in profit, which is okay but no great shakes.  Hopefully the other Soler gets me a little more.

Focus cards for this week
I spent way too much on this Don Sutton auto /10...but I think it's beautiful

And I grabbed a few Andre Ellington Score RCs.  He's banged up this week but in the future I expect big things

COMC Overall Stats
Current Cards for Sale: 109 cards, 100 distinct
Total Asking Price: $144.05
Total SRP (their version of Book Value): $107.00 (72 cards still need to be priced)
September 2014 Sales: 58 cards for $37.49
2014 in general: 3,002 cards for $975.94