Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Name Hall of Fame Nominee - Lucious Pusey

Go ahead. Laugh.

A few years ago, Lucious Pusey played linebacker for I-AA Eastern Illinois. And I guess he was pretty good at the college level. But it's pretty hard to take a guy with this name seriously.

I guess eventually he realized this, because he legally changed his last name. To Seymour. As in Lucious Seymour. As in Lucious Seymour Pusey. Really? That was better?

Anyways, this 5'11" LB didn't appear to make it too far, as he is no longer on the Illinois website and I can't find any info about him being drafted or receiving any tryouts with NFL teams. He did have a lot of intensity though, shown in this response to one website's article about his hilarious namesake.

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  1. "As in Lucious Seymour Pusey. Really? That was better?"