Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Sports Name Hall of Fame Nominee - JamesOn Curry

JamesOn Curry was brought up on a Tobacco farm in North Carolina. His excellent first name is a combination of the names of his father (James) and grandfather (Leon), creating this sort of super name that looks an awful lot like a regular name with a spelling mistake.

After a decent college career at Oklahoma State, Curry was drafted in the second round (51st pick overall) of the 2007 Draft by the Chicago Bulls. Almost exactly a year later Curry was released with only $100,000 and some time with the Iowa Energy of the NBA Developmental League to show for it. Curry has yet to play a game in the NBA, and was recently released by Pau-Orthez of the French League after failing to impress coaches.

More interesting aspects of Curry's life? 2 arrests, one career hampering. In 2004, Curry was one of 49 students arrested for possession with intent to sell of marijuana. He had a scholarship to UNC that he then lost, resulting in his move to Oklahama State, a move that likely cost him at least a few draft positions.

A later, very funny post NBA arrest came in 2008 in Idaho. Curry was peeing in public, which apparently is not arrest worthy and just gets you a ticket or citation. But when the cop came to issue said citation, Curry ran, which is in fact arrest worthy. So Curry was arrested, paid a $600 bail, and ended up getting suspended for two games by the NBA. When you gotta go you gotta go I guess.
Regardless, JamesOn Curry is now eligible to be entered into the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.

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