Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Sports Name Hall of Fame Nominee - Ron Tugnutt

The beautiful thing about Ron Tugnutt? For once a GSNHOF eligible player was decent at his sport. Example one: The above video, where Tugnutt saved 70 shots (2nd highest single game total) in a 3-3 tie. Example two: His modern single season record 1.79 GAA during one of his season's with the Ottawa Senators.

Thing is, Tugnutt was still not an upper echelon goalie. He was very quick and pretty decent in the postseason, but was also very small for a netminder and streaky in his play. As a result he played in the AHL a lot and for 8 different NHL teams. He did set a lot of team records since he moved a lot, including most team saves in a regular season game (Mighty Ducks), most wins with an expansion team (Blue Jackets), and highest playoff save percentage (Pittsburgh Penguins). Too bad holding a bunch of team records isn't as awesome as holding a bunch of career records.

Not officially retired, Ron Tugnutt is now a color commentator for Hockey Night in Canada. He is interested in trying to become a goalie coach and, presumably, changing his name so that people don't judge him for his hobbies.

Regardless, Mr. Tugnutt, you are now a nominee for the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame!

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  1. Ron Tugnutt is a wall of Canadian team. When he stand infont the goal post it will be very difficult to the opponent for scoring goal. Really he is a dependable Goaltender. I like him so much.