Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Sports Name Hall of Fame Nominee - Destiny Frankenstein

After a long hiatus, the final name for Ballot Three of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame is here. And she's a doozy.

Covered a bit in the past by Blog Greats Name of the Year (where she was THE Name of the Year), Kissing Suzy Kolber, and Deadspin, Destiny Frankenstein, like Chubby Cox, is already pretty famous for her name. So why mention her here? Well because we're the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame. It's what we do.

Destiny Frankenstein, born Destiny LeyAnn Frankenstein, played four years of softball at Kansas. There she not only hit for average (hit .297 as a senior) and power (set a team homerun record at Kansas), but also was an academic all American. Since then she played a bit for the New England Riptide of the National Pro Fastpitch League before moving on to Nebraska as a Graduate Assistant Swimming/Diving Coach and finally North Dakota State University as a Graduate Assistant Softball Coach.

The three best things about Destiny Frankenstein?
1. She has a great sense of humor about her name, saying things like "I've learned to just have fun with it" and laughing when PA systems blasted Monster Mash whenever she came up to the plate.
2. Her sister's name is Cherish, which is almost funnier, but not GSNHOF eligible.
3. She's now a member of two Great Name sites, Name of the Year, and a nominee for the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame. Welcome to the club Destiny!

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