Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Sports Name Hall of Fame Nominees - Kywin Supernaw and Corey Alston

If you ever played NFL2K (Or Madden 2002), then you knew Kywin Supernaw.

Unless you're from Detroit or masochistic, you probably never actually selected the Lions. But a quick trade and this backup Safety was yours. Running around the field with Supernaw as your player was just amazing, somehow you knew he'd get the job done.

But as for Supernaw's playing career? Well like a lot of great names, it wasn't much. He played 17 games (3 starts) over 3 years with 14 tackles and 10 assists). And then he was done thanks to neck and knee injuries. A real shame because he was a heck of a Madden player and seemed like a good guy.

Mr. Supernaw puts us at 20 names for the Hall of Fame, but I want to throw another name into the midst because he's a personal favorite of mine. Corey Alston played one season with the 2002 Jets where he was basically just practice squad fodder. But he was also real good in Madden, I mean just watch his 79 speed put the Steelers Defense to shame.

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