Thursday, August 20, 2009

GSNHOF Nominee - Jetsy Extrano

Jetsy Extrano. Man...what a name. So I'd like to say thanks to Minor Moniker Madness, because that's where I found Jetsy for the first time.

Sadly, Jetsy has had a bat lot in his MLB life. Three years in the Venezuelan Summer League where he batted .244/.359/.362 as a 2B/SS/3B for the Aguirre Mariners netted him a chance with the Mariners' more advanced teams this year. He was okay in the rookie league with a .276 average in 134 at bats, but so far since moving up to class A he's gone 1 for 22 in 6 games. It's a small sample size though, so maybe the best Jetsy has to offer is yet to come.

Besides, that's not really where Jetsy has been shafted. Somehow, despite his awesome name, he keeps not winning Minors Moniker Madness. And every time he's been knocked out, it's been versus lesser competition. He lost to Gil Gil in 2007, Devin Drag in 2008, and Beamer Weems in 2009. Terrible choices by the voters all, and I'm hoping that Jetsy sticks around long enough to win the title he rightly deserves in 2010.

He may not be on a hitting hot streak. He may not be able to win Minor Moniker Madness. But he's got a great shot at joining the Truly Great Names of the GSNHOF. Best of luck Jetsy!

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