Monday, November 2, 2009

GSNHOF Nominee - Chamique Holdsclaw

Haven't posted a name in a while - hope this excellence makes up for it.

I'm really shocked that Chamique Holdsclaw wasn't nominated earlier. As a 7th grader when I first heard of Chamique, I was pretty impressed with her name. So impressed actually, that I believe she was my favorite name of all time at the time (at least until I played NBA 2K). At first I thought that her name was Coleslaw (I guess I put the two together), and then I just thought that her first name was Chaminique. Even if she isn't Chaminique Coleslaw, she still has a pretty excellent name.

Oh yeah, Chamique is also an incredibly talented basketball player. She led her High School team to four New York State Championships from 1992-1995. She then led Tennessee to NCAA Championships in the next three years before "settling" for an SEC title in 1999. Think about how ridiculous that is: 7 straight league championships. Kind of the opposite of being a Cleveland Browns fan right now.

Chamique hasn't been quite as lucky in the WNBA, despite going first overall in the 1999 draft. Injuries, family illnesses, and a bout with clinical depression have all had their effect on Holdsclaw's career, though she has still averaged an impressive 17.3 ppg over her career. She actually pulled a Brett Farve/Michael Jordan recently as well, retiring in 2007 before returning to the game this year with the Atlanta Dream. It's hard to tell what the future will hold for Chamique (will she play, will she retire?), but one thing is for certain: Chamique can certainly ball.

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