Friday, February 5, 2010

GSNHOF Nominee - Wascal Adames

It has been far too long since the last time I posted a great name, as Ballot Six ended weeks ago. Since I'm snowed in at work (sort of), I figured it's about time to give you one. So today I give you a name that only Elmer Fudd could truly love: Wascal Adames.
Yes, his name really is Wascal, I couldn't believe it either. Maybe his parents were big fans of Merry Melodies? Wascal is currently a 20 (21 on February 28th) year old Dominican Republic born outfielder playing in the Dominican Summer League for the Angels. Last year he had a slash line of .282/.351/.406 with some power (3 HR, 14 XBH), some speed (20 SB in 26 chances), and terrible defense (.964 fielding percentage last year, .946 fielding percentage career). So whether he makes it to the big leagues someday is very much in question. But I'd love it if he did, because I can only imagine the fun that announcers would have with his name.

Credit for this name find goes to two different sources. The first is MLB's Minors Moniker Madness, which is handy for all sorts of wackiness and has been cited by me before. The second is a more obscure source - the short lived funny sports name blog entitled "Mayobanex, Waskal, and Boof." Started around the same time that I started this blog (and 5 months after I started the GSNHOF segment over at Outside the Boxscore), M, W & B lasted all of ten posts and 22 days. I know blogs come and go all the time, but I can't help but wonder what happened to my potential great named brethren. Did he get too busy? Did he find my blog and think that there wasn't room for the two of us? I guess the world may never know.

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  1. What's up? I got your list! I'll add them to my site in a few minutes. By the way, your player choice is absolutely kick-ass; The Crime-Dog has always been one of my personal favorites! And I do have some hockey - I have to find out where they are though haha