Monday, May 3, 2010

The Cards Come Pouring In, Part 1

As I mentioned yesterday, I went on a little card binge this past week/weekend, meaning I have like 11 different packages coming. Since I figured this will probably happen all week, I figured I'd share my stuff with you in little installments, starting with this one!

To begin, we actually have something I won from Matt over at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius. He had a little contest to celebrate his the longevity of his blog (blogevity?), and out of 105 people I somehow won! The prize? A Sweet Spot sigs Huston Street, numbered 199/225.
I LOVE serial numbered cards. So this automatically ruled anyways due to it's serial-ness. However, this is also my very first Sweet Spot "on ball" auto, and I have to say that these babies are intimidating in person. I didn't realize that the ball was actually a ball, and man does it look fantastic! Easily one of the coolest autographs I now have!

Speaking of autographs, I picked up a few Seneca Wallace autos recently. I'm trying to get every color auto of his from 2003 Sage. So far I have

Red (301/799)

Bronze (284/525)

and Silver (110/320)
That leaves me with Gold (/160), Platinum (/45), the Player Proof Edition (/20) and the Master Edition (/1). Easier said than done, but I'm going to go for it! Incidentally, the red and bronze autos both came from homerunbaseball, a FANTASTIC ebayer with great communication. I figure since he gave me a great deal on some cool cards, the least I can do is hype him on my blog!

The last card I got today was my oops of the weekend, aka the /75 Sage Bronze Level Jersey card that I won two auctions of. The newest one has a much lower serial # (6/75), and the second color is blue instead of red:

I'm still a big fan of the original one I received though, as that yellow really pops!
Regardless, I love them both! Maybe I'll try to get all 75 of this card? Maybe if I win the lottery!

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