Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finals Week will do Crazy Things to a Moose

I'm 3/5's way through a 20 page case study, and then I need to write a (much easier) 15-20 pages by Thursday or Friday. So doable, and I'm not worried about it. But I keep taking Ebay breaks...which is bad hahaha.

So far this weekend I have won:
-A 2nd /75 2003 Sage Seneca Wallace two color jersey (I bid on this one first and figured I'd lose one of least they were both cheap!)

-A 2009 Mini Mayo Gold Seneca Wallace (BIN OBO, I BO'd the minimum and got it!)

-2 2003 Sage Seneca Wallaces Autos from the same seller (one Red /799, one Bronze /525, they go nicely with my Silver /320)

-Keeping with those Sages, a 2003 Sage Autograph + Jersey of Seneca Wallace, 6/10 (yes, this is the one I thought was fake. I found out it's definitely not, and ended up negotiating to a pretty decent BO price!)

-A lot of 53 Shaun King cards for $6 (at a little over $0.10 a card, not too shabby for one my lowest numbered player collections!)

- And a 2004 Throwback Threads Prime Patch Dewon Brazelton, 3/25 (SWEEET Patch...actually almost wanted to lose this since I bought so much this weekend...but for $0.99 + shipping I'll take a super nice patch card of a guy I player collect!

All will be scanned and shown off when they arrive. In the meantime, I'm trying to stop my Ebay spending and focus on my papers. It's hard with a Seneca 1/1 Printing Plate (2009 Mayo Cyan) sitting on my watchlist...

Edit: Yup...I won that too!

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