Saturday, June 5, 2010

COMC Loot Part One: Tyronn Lue and Random Goodies

I mentioned the other day that I recently received some sweeeeet COMC stuff, so here's Part 1 of 3 showing off the goods! I'm starting with Tyronn Lue (the player collection you probably all care least about) and ending with Fred McGriff, with Seneca Wallace in between. That's not to say that I like Lue any less, I just figure the baseball fans among you will prefer the McGriff finish!

This first Lue card was already one of my favorites as a base. But make it an auto as well? Then it's just...well...this:
*Let the "Let's go Celtics" chant commence*

So tempted to try to get Paul Pierce to sign this, so that they can both have signed this awesome card. I'm sure he's swamped with auto requests we'll see I guess.

Next card is an awesome/weird relic card that I picked up of Lue's. Bad timing given the Lakers championship-ness of it all...but still nice to show:
The swatch I get...the weird yellow plastic rings around the swatch I don't. And they're all off center like this as well. It's certainly an odd card...but I'm really glad it's finally in my collection.

My final Lue hit that I picked up was this nice PressPass auto.
I gotta say - Tyronn has my favorite auto of any player I collect. Shortened first name linked into his last name...very nice all around.

Two more non-hit Lues though. Or rather, non relic/auto, but still nice. First this crazy shiny:
And then the back of a Fleer Platinum, #'d 12/25. Very nice:

As promised, I also picked up some non Lues/McGriffs/Wallaces to show off here. The first is my favorite card ever, which I've seen everywhere but never actually owned. The one, the only, Vin Lovero Mike Piazza card:
I don't know if it's the cordless phone, or the cardboard cutout, or the generic box, or the Hostess Doughnuts. But this card rules, and it looks just as good in real life as it did every time I saw it on the internet. Totally...amazing...card.

I also picked up a Shaun King jersey card from 2003, which has a funny story:
The story? It's actually his only card from 2003 as well. So no base card, no inserts, no parallels...just a single relic card. If you have to be on one card, might as well be a hit, no?

Last but not least, probably the least heralded card of the bunch, but it's still neat. Tanyon Sturtze, post NY Yankee-dom.
The back of this card rules, because it gives Tanyon's nicknames as "The Grand Tanyon." I never realized that was his cool is that?

And that'll do er for the Lues and randoms...the Senecas will be around next, within the next few days!

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  1. "Grand Tanyon" sounds like a Chris Berman nickname. I don't like his nicknames.