Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GSNHOF Nominee - Rich Parent

This one's a little sillier than some other names I've mentioned, but I think it's quite punny indeed (lolz). Plus, unlike most other great names, I actually saw this guy play in person - cool!

Rich Parent played hockey from 1992 to 2006, but if you haven't heard of him that's excusable - only 4 of those seasons included actual NHL stops, and those 4 stops included a total of 32 games (where he went 7-11-5). So he didn't do much as an NHLer.

He did, however, play 2 of those seasons with the St. Louis Blues and, more importantly, their minor league team, the Worcester Ice Cats. They were only around for 11 years, but those 11 years coincided with my childhood development, and so I watched/loved many of their games. So when Parent was in goal for them during the 1998-99 season, I was there for a few games. Cool, right? I thought so. I doubt I thought his name was this unintentionally hilarious back then, since I didn't really remember him until I came across his name recently. But hey, what's the internet for if not to remind us of great names gone by? And it's thanks to that reminder that Rich Parent has now been nominated for the GSNHOF.

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  1. Are we doing nominations again?
    - Wonderful Monds Jr. (father of the braves WTM) Could also be in the 70s hair hall of fame:
    - Wonderful Terrific Monds II (assuming he gets recruited to play college football next year)
    Bum-Ho Lee

    I learned about Lee from this guy's wantlist:

  2. Woah nice find in that site Bo. I feel like that guy and I could probably trade a bunch of stuff!

    And nice finds with Bum Ho as well...he's been hanging around on the coming soon list in my mind for a while...but I just never actually got around to posting him haha. Someday soon I guess.

  3. Love this collection... keep them coming!