Monday, June 13, 2011

2001 MLL (Lacrosse) Inaugural Season Set

Currently owned: 0/36

As some of you may know, there is a professional lacrosse league known as MLL. It's currently in its 11th year of existence, which is pretty impressive given that A) it only has 6 teams and B) only 3 of those 6 teams are leftover from the inaugural season. Kudos to them for sticking (unintended pun I swear) around despite limited fanfare!

Anyways, when the league started in 2001, they produced a card line to hype the teams/players.
(Sample Back and Front)

My brothers and I were pretty into lacrosse in 2001, so we bought a fair amount of these cards and probably had a complete set at some point. Fast forward 10 years and it turns out that these cards are really, REALLY rare. A guy reached out to me in 2021 with his website which agrees with me that there are only 36 cards in the set, and he says there may be only 300 set TOTAL!  Before his site, info on this set was basically nonexistent.

So here we have a set with little known about it, and a blogger to the rescue. It's my hope, from here on out, that this post becomes the #2 (Now that there's the better site linked above) information source regarding the 2001 MLL Inaugural Set. It likely won't garner a whole lot of page views, but it might help a few people out, and mostly it'll make me happy to figure this set out!

So here are the cards that I'm currently aware of in the set, listed by team. A question mark (?) next to the player's name indicates that I'm not sure if he's a part of the set or not.  I used to own almost all of these cards but I sold or traded them all away, so currently my cupboard is bare.  But if you know more than me about these cards (including where to buy them) or would like to learn more about them, feel free to contact me!

The list of cards:

Baltimore Bayhawks
Dan Denihan
Greg Cattrano
Josh Sims
Mark Millon
Rob Doerr
Tom Marechek

Boston Cannons
Billy Daye
Dan Radebaugh
Doug Knight
Mike Battista
Michael Watson
Ryan Curtis

Bridgeport Barrage
Brian Silcott
Blake Miller
Jamie Hanford
Mario Lopez
Matt Pannetta
Roy Colsey

Long Island Lizards
A.J. Haugen
Casey Powell
Gary Gait
John Gagliardi
Sal Locascio
Vinnie Sombretto

New Jersey Pride
Christian Cook
Jay Jalbert
Jesse Hubbard
Jon Hess
Steve Koudelka
Tom Ryan

Rochester Rattlers
Brian Dougherty
Jake Bergey
John Grant Jr.
Ric Beardsley
Ryan Powell
Tim Soudan


  1. I'm no lax fan, but I need to get cards of Casey and Ryan Powell as I've interviewed both.

  2. I have an extra Casey among my cards. I'll hold onto it for you!

  3. Where do i get cards like this!

    1. you apparently don't...they're crazy hard to find!

  4. Do you know how these cards were originally distributed by the MLL? At Games?

    1. I do not, super good question! I know I attended a Boston Cannons game and there's a great chance I picked them up there.