Sunday, January 22, 2012

GSNHOF Nominee - Clint Goocher

Most people are aware of the word Gooch and its many meanings, so you're all likely aware of the humorous possibilities of Gooch as a last name. However, there are simply too many sports players with the last name Gooch for one player alone to receive that nomination. Add an -er, however, and you'll find two great circumstances surrounding the new word.

First, a Stand By Me reference (A Goocher is BAD luck!):
Second, and most relevant to this blog, a great name - Clint Goocher:

Goocher is funny to say, still carries some of those gross connotations that come with the word Gooch, and references one of the best movies of the 1980's. The full name is also great with the contrast between the ridiculous word Goocher and the very formal Clint. So I'd say it's GSNHOF worthy.

But what of the Goocher himself? Well Clint Goocher was a pitcher in the Diamondbacks system from 2003 to 2008. He made it all the way up to AAA in 2008, but the next year was in Independent Ball and then seems to have left baseball all together. It's hard to find much info on Goocher since then, but it does appear he started a relationship on December 5th of last year, which is something!

So kudos to you Clint Goocher, for your baseball prowess, luck in love, and excellent name. And best of luck to you on Ballot 7 of the GSNHOF!

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  1. loved Stand by Me... anyways I tried to see if I had any Clint Goocher cards for you. But I guess the guy only has minor league issues out there.

  2. Enjoy...