Thursday, January 12, 2012

GSNHOF Nominee - Doug Fister

Remember this blog's namesake? Well it's coming back! Most card posts require either money (to buy them, to ship trades, etc.) or a decent chunk of time to scan the cards, crop the cards, etc. Posts about great names are very quick, and it's about time Ballot 7 came to an end so that people can finally vote on it! So with that all said, here's the newest name up for GSNHOF consideration - Doug Fister:
Fister is mostly known for his excellent second half last year with the Tigers following a trade from the Seattle Mariners. The guy went 8-1 with a 1.79 ERA in 10 games, and added an excellent start in the ALCS vs. the Rangers along with two decent appearances in the ALDS. Based on that success, Fister is going into 2012 as the Tigers #2 starter behind Justin Verlander.

A few fun facts about Doug Fister (per Wikipedia):
- His favorite player as a child was Cal Ripken Jr.
- One of the guys traded to Seattle when he went to Detroit was Charlie Furbush. Surely Seattle included Furbush to keep their great name ratio appropriate. Or maybe Detroit threw him in to avoid having a Fister next to a Furbush in the clubhouse.
- Fister was drafted by the Yankees originally, but stayed as Fresno State another year before being drafted by the Mariners. Any guy who declines playing for the Yankees is alright with me!
- His stuff isn't regarded as that special, but Fister is successful because he forces them in the zone to put himself in the dominant position. He also throws a lot of strikes ;-)

Welcome to Ballot 7 Mr. Fister, and best of luck in the voting!

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  1. Nice.

    Personally, my VT Hokies have a guy that I have high hopes for:

  2. Some of the minor league cards I've gotten recently include Wade Fyock and Troy Penix.

  3. Hahaha Bo - Troy Penix definitely has a shot! Didn't have him on my list before!

    And Spankee - lol double names are tricky when it comes to getting support. Duany Duany, Pete Peeters, Henry Henry, and Longar Longar (my personal fave) all fell off the ballot in one vote. George George is still around, but he won't get there right away.