Saturday, March 31, 2012

Samuel Deduno: CHROMIFIED (Thanks Josh)!

When it rains it pours I guess! Josh from Royals and Randoms knows I have a soft spot for a certain cup card, and he had the chrome version of said card sitting around looking for a good home free of charge. A super nice offer for a super nice card, and a few days later it showed up in my mailbox, super shiny! And holding that fantastic paper cone cup:
I now have the base regular card and the base chrome card, and that got me crazily thinking of chasing all the other versions of this card in existence. COMC has four I need, and there's others sprinkled around Beckett, Sportlots, and Ebay, but there's a ton of cards in all (21) and 9 are 1/1's so it might be kind of crazy! So I probably won't do it - but if I change my mind I'll post my wants on the site for all to see!

But for now I'm just psyched to have a second version - thanks a bunch Josh!


  1. You're welcome! I assume he was drinking water out of there, but I like to think he was enjoying a fine cane-sugar ginger ale...

  2. I always thought was he was eating a snow cone. I think you need to track these down...that way you can send them my way when you don't want it anymore hehe.