Friday, March 15, 2013

IceCats Collection...COMPLETE!

Took much longer than I initially imagined, but I now officially have a card to represent all 32 guys who played for the 1997-98 Worcester Ice Cats (Technically 31 since I made the Dennis Wright card).  Many of the guys had pretty successful careers and so I could find their cards fairly easily, but Allan Sirois ended up being almost impossible to find, to the point that even when I found him I couldn't find him.

I had an Ebay saved search on for Allan Sirois, meaning if a card of his ever popped up I would win it.  Well I never got any searches to pop up since no one lists his cards, and so I would occasionally (every few weeks) google his cards instead (he only has like five so it was a short task).  I did this a few weeks ago and found that somehow, someway, my saved search had MISSED A SIROIS!  And it ended for only about $3...oh no!

But there was a silver ended with no bids.  So I messaged the seller, and luckily he was eager to relist and sell me the Sirois.  He added a BIN for like $1 more and I happily hit it.    Who wouldn't want to complete a set several years in the making for just $1 more?

To celebrate, I figured I'd post all the cards at once.  So here goes...enjoy!

Lubos Bartecko
Frederic Cassivi
Ivan Ciernik
Derek Diener 
Rory Fitzpatrick 
Erich Goldmann 
Michal Handzus 
Justin Hocking 
Terry Hollinger 
Brent Johnson (possibly still my favorite given the Ice Cat helmet on the card)
Billy-Jay (or B.J.) Johnston 
Chris Kenady
Bob Lachance 
Reed Low 
Mike Maneluk 
Jamal Mayers
Samy Nasreddine 
Nick Naumenko
Ricard Persson 
Robert Petrovicky 
Mike Prokopec 
Stephane Roy 
Bryce Salvador 
Allan Sirois 
Matt Smith 
Shayne Toporowski 
Terry Virtue 
Tyler Willis Dennis Wright (the custom card)
Libor Zabransky 
Jazon Zent 

Scratch the Mascot 

And there you have it.  One major collecting milestone out of the way...maybe someday I'll find a cool way to showcase these alongside my team signed shirt!