Thursday, November 21, 2013


So after going for my whale, and realizing I couldn't get it, and realizing I would never get it since the guy who has it both still loves Seneca Wallace and has lots of money/no need for my money, I felt pretty gloomy about my collecting prospects.  To collect a guy for 5 yearsish and know you may never get all the cards is one collect a guy for 5 yearsish and KNOW you'll never get all the cards is just...boom.  A lot of me wanted to jump ship and sell what I could, a lot of me just wanted to question was a dark time for my Seneca Collection.

After talks with my wife and a forum though, I decided to stick with it and, after adding a few side collections to spice things up, felt reinvigorated about my Seneca collection as well.  So I took to Ebay and did a more thorough search, since it's been a little while since I really dug and didn't just go through the motions of "oh wow neat another base auto I already own."

There's this group of Seneca cards on Ebay that I tend to skip over because the guy was in person autograph happy.  He had quite a few Seneca cards and had them all autographed in blue sharpie, which is neat for some but kinda eh for me because I like my cards to be how they were packed out (though weirdly I don't care a ton about condition).  Regardless, these cards were quickly assessed by me back in the day, and I assumed I needed none of them and let them go.  They've probably been relisted 50 times each.

Well on my newest search I realized that one of the cards he listed is one I actually needed...Seneca's 2003 Fleer Focus Anniversary Silver /25.  It's an odd card in that the Gold is /50 and the Silver is /25...usually those go in the opposite direction in terms of rarity, but I'll take it!  The price was okay, but I debated whether I wanted it auto'd.  After some internal discussion I went with it, mostly because the signature is pretty unique for Seneca:
Not sure if everyone will remember, but when I traded for some customs a little while ago I mentioned how it was kind of cool that the custom maker included Seneca's middle name, Sinclair, on the card.  Aside from those customs, this is the only time I've ever seen that name referenced on a card, and here it's done by initial, as he signed it "SSW" and then threw his jersey # on there.  Pretty sweet actually, so I think it's a nice touch.

Here are the backs...formatted kind of cool:
I really like how they tell you the insert name (anniversary silver) and then put the numbering right under it.  12/25, which if Seneca comes back next year could be a new jersey number for him.  He's been with the Seahawks, Browns, Saints, 49ers, and Packers and in that time he was jersey # 15, 6, 10, 18, and now 9.  Some guys get attached to numbers, I'm guessing Seneca doesn't?  It's kinda neat though because variety is the spice of life, right?


  1. I'm glad you decided to stick with the Wallace PC. I've accepted that I'll never own every Tony Gwynn card... so I just stick to feeling good every time I add something new. And thanks to manufacturers... there's always something new to add.

    Congratulations on the new addition to your collection!

  2. Thanks! It got tough with Seneca cause there's no new stuff and so much is tangled up in collections. But I'm gonna stick with it because I still dig so many of the cards and there's still more chase to be had!

    Plus now I have Bishop and Smart to help. I'm being so stingy with prices though haha...gonna try to get the best stuff at the best prices instead of just grabbing everything I needed like I first did with Seneca.