Friday, August 22, 2014

GSNHOF Nominee - Odrisamer Despaigne, Or when I surf the net Eyebrows

School starts next Tuesday, so this week I've been busy with trainings and inservices to get us up to speed.  That's why there was no fantasy update on Wednesday this week.  But no matter how busy I am, I can no longer neglect the GSNHOF now that I've restarted it, so today I bring you Odrisamer Despaigne, starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres.

Despaigne made his MLB debut this year after defecting from Cuba in a somewhat roundabout day.  He played for Cuba in the 2013 World Port Tournament, and while in Europe for the tournament he defected and stuck around.  He became a legal resident of Spain while there, and later traveled to Mexico before putting on a showcase for major league teams.  San Diego was interested and signed him to a minor league deal, and after his first seven inning, four hit game, he seemed like a nice catch for the team.

He wasn't even in ESPN Fantasy Baseball yet as a possible add because he was so unknown, but then he followed up that first start with four more starts allowing just six runs total.  So after five games he had an ERA of just 1.31.  He also, of course, had just 17 strikeouts to 11 it seemed debatable his stuff could last...but nevertheless he was a hot waiver wire add in fantasy back in July for a bit.

Since then he has given up 20 runs (17 earned) in five games, to balloon his ERA up to 3.28.  And for you advanced stat guys, his FIP is actually 4.16, so even more of a correction could be in order.

That being said though, he has a few awesome things going for him:
1. His crazy change up grip, which Fangraphs nicely detailed.
2. His unibrow, which is a thing to be marveled.
3. And of course, his name, which puts him on ballot 8 of the GSNHOF!

Bonus Padres fun fact for the day: After yesterday's games, Jedd Gyorko is now the all-time leader in Padres homeruns by a second basemen with 31.  Second place is Mark Loretta with 30, then Robbie Alomar with 22.

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