Friday, September 5, 2014

GSNHOF Nominee - Co-Eric Riley

I‘m a sucker for names with hyphens in them, so this name should come as no surprise.  Today I bring you - Co-Eric Riley, college football WR

Riley played two seasons for Mississippi State in college where, in 23 games, he notched 19 catches for 177 yards.  He also added one rush and six kick returns in that time.  Now that's not much - ranked him 171 out of 30 WR in 2009 - but a decent pro day led to Co-Eric seeing some training camp time with the Buccaneers.  He didn't end up sticking around, but that's still pretty impressive for such a small college career statswise.

These days Co-Eric is all over Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc.  So Mr. Riley, if you read this, I hope you agree that your name is awesome and I wish you the best of luck in entering the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame!

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  1. Some names for you:

  2. I've always admired Olumide Oyedeji. Sadly, the Magic did not keep him for the 2003-2004 season, otherwise they could have put together an all-time great name front court with him, Zaza Pachulia and Gordan Giricek.