Tuesday, April 14, 2015

24 Dedunos from COMC and Sportlots

Since announcing my Samuel Deduno Bowman collection, I had been sitting on just two cards, a base and a chrome.  Recently, while filling out a COMC order to ensure it had 100 cards, I decided to grab every reasonably priced Deduno on the site.  Because one good turn deserves another, I then bought the cheapest lot of bulk Dedunos I could get on Sportlots.  My spoils are below!
First comes COMC...I grabbed 7 base:

4 blues...these are my first 4 blues, and are all #'d /500:

And then 6 Chromes, which puts me at 7 total:

Then comes the Sportlots stuff...I was happy to be back on Sportlots after being away for so long since they don't have anything I typically need.  Well now they have a lot in terms of Dedunos...so I'll be making little purchases now and then I'm sure!

This time I grabbed 7 more base, which brings me up to 15 total:

And then 3 Golds, which are my first 3 golds in the collection:

I already love how these all look together, and just need to decide how to store them.  A binder...an 800 count box with each one sleeved...what to do what to do!

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  1. Muchos Dedunos! I'll be sending those Golds your way before long to add to that pile.