Friday, April 3, 2015

Anyone ever seen a corrected Hap Ashby?

So I'm watching Trancers for the first time, and this baseball card comes up as an important point.  In the movie it's mentioned as a 1963 Angels Hap Ashby...but there's a few problems with that:

So obviously there's no Hap Ashby, but also that ain't no 1963 Topps card - it's 1959 (Heck, the Angels weren't even around in 1959).  So I was wondering if any of the great custom guys out there had ever corrected this card to be a 1963 Topps card.  Random thought for a random day.


  1. Wow. It's been almost three decades since I've heard anyone mention that movie. Never saw it... but remember hearing kids talk about it. Pretty sure I saw it for years at my local rental shop too. Is it worth watching?

    1. I liked it enough...Helen Hunt is pretty good in this, and there are some neat aspects like a watch gadget that slows time or the problem with finding ancestors or time travel that make for good shots. If you like Full Moon features/Charles Band Productions you'll probably like this (like the Puppet Master movies, Demonic Toys movies, Dollman, Laser Blast, etc.).

    2. Found it on Amazon Prime and watched it. It wasn't bad. I'm a huge fan of time travel movies.

    3. Awesome! Yeah I could watch almost anything time travel as well.