Tuesday, April 28, 2015

B.J. Daniels - Continuing the love of a scrambly, backup QB for the Seahawks

So it has been a while since Seneca Wallace has been in an NFL game.  Since 2013 in fact.  In 2013 he briefly became the first African-American starting QB in Green Bay Packers history before succumbing to a groin injury that put him on IR.  Since then he has bounced around, and I've tracked his movements in hopes that some other team would take a flier on him.

Two teams that have taken a flier on Wallace in the past, the 49ers and the Seahawks, have since found a younger, spryer version of Seneca of their own to try out in the backup role.  As such, I've seen this guy, B.J. Daniels, get to play a few different times during the preseason.  I have to say, I've always been impressed, even moreso than with Thaddeus Lewis or Jarrett Brown.  So I decided he's worthy of collecting...and grabbed a bunch of autos off COMC recently to begin that collection.

We start first with a Contenders auto, which is nowadays the auto of choice when it comes to football rookies:
It's a sticker, and mixed teams (pictured 49ers, says Seahawks, which is a common theme with Daniels), but I can dig it.  There's a parallel "short print" version as well where he's running the ball - when I get that someday I will scan the back since I forgot to with this one.

I also grabbed a Select auto, which is mighty shiny:
It's /100, which is pretty cool, and mentions how he was signed by the Seahawks before this card was made.
I think it's perfect that Daniels is now a backup to Russell Wilson in Seattle - as this card says.  He has a lot of potential and ought to do something amazing if given an opportunity.

I end with a few Spectra auto variations - one /299 and one /99:
Great color and again a nice reference to Wilson, who supposedly ought to teach Daniels a whole lot about life in the NFL.  Hopefully that happens and Daniels ends up on a different QB needy team - I think he's shown many shades of success in his limited NFL experience and would not be surprised if his skill set led to several big wins for a different NFL team down the line.  Guess we'll see!


  1. As a Seahawks fan... I struggle with seeing Daniels pictured as a 49er on his rookie card. This is one scenario where I'd rather see him in his South Florida uniform.

    1. P.S. Cool new PC. Glad to see you're supporting another Seahawks QB.