Friday, July 3, 2015

gcrl's Bat Around + Online Digging = A Beautiful Patch replaced (kind of)

So for the blog bat around, I lamented a few cards I had lost.  One was a nice Expos triple patch card, featuring former Red Sox great Pedro Martinez.

Well I dug through cheaper Pedro jersey cards on COMC to see if any had patches.  See, COMC usually shows the cheapest card first.  So if there's a nice patch at a higher might be hidden by other cards of that type for sale.

For example, I looked at this card
and found a lot of this
and this

but hidden amongst the plain white patches I found one of these:
It's gorgeous, it's Red Sox based instead of Expos based (which is better for me as a Sox fan, although the Expos patch was also cool), and it didn't break the bank - $2.25 shipped as it was priced amongst the other patch cards.  You won't always find sweet patches among lesser jerseys on COMC (I have a few times with Seneca jersey cards, and I think that's how I found that old Byron Leftwich too), but when you do the search was all worth it.

So I don't have that nice Expos triple patch back...but this card may be even better for my collection - now just remind me not to get rid of it ever!


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    1. Oh heck yes! I tried it with Griffeys too but alas, no such luck.