Friday, July 31, 2015

Mike James continued...where did those cards come from?

So a few days ago I posted that I'm collecting all the Mike James (literally all of them - if you have a card of a guy named Mike James, send it my way).  I figured it might be nice to let you know where the first few cards came from!

The two base Mike James (basketball) came from Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life in his big old basketball lot, and pretty much singlehandedly kick started the collection:

The James (football) auto and James (baseball auto) both came from Dennis of the Too Many blogs, after he mentioned the baseball guy:
(Doesn't the baseball guy have an awesome sig?  Shame that's the only card that ever used it...)

And then the James (football) plate and James (basketball) serial #'d card were bought by me on COMC.  After Dennis pointed out that the plate was available:
And so it goes.  Hopefully many more Mike James to come!

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