Monday, October 5, 2015

Madden '04 Monday - Peppi Zellner

Name: Hunndens Guiseppi "Peppi" Zellner

Real Life Image: 

Game Image: 
(Zellner is actually a Redskin in Madden '04)

Example of Bowers on Cardboard:
Zellner has 11 cards, all variations of his 2005 Topps Total card he shares with Russell Davis.  Here is the base from

No videos pop up when you search for Zellner.  So instead, here's a clip of the Cowboys playing 2003 NFL Blitz.  I don't think Zellner is in the game...but hey Blitz!

Team and Position on Depth Chart in Madden '04: Zeller is a Redskin in Madden '04, and he's their backup LE.  He's a 28 year old with a 65 rating, backing up Renaldo Wynn, a 28 year old with a 74 rating.

Some Notable Ratings: Zellner is slightly below average in every single stat other than his terrible 60 speed.  His 56 awareness is okay for an end, his 64 acceleration is okay for an end, and his 74 tackle is - you guessed it - okay for an end.

Professional Career: Zellner barely even made it to the pros in the first place.  After a solid high school performance, he moved on to college at Georgia, but academic issues caused him to move to a Military College.  He then transferred to Fort Valley State but eligibility issues meant he played basketball instead of football.  He did lead the team to its first conference championship in around 30 years, so that was cool, but he barely seemed a football player at the time.

He still was at the combine though, and a bunch of good combine stats (including the 2nd fastest 40 for a lineman) tantalized the Cowboys into selecting him in the 4th round in 1999.  That turned out to be an unwise choice, as Zellner spent four meh years in Dallas, highlighted by three sacks in 15 starts in 2001.  The Redskins signed him for 2003, but a year later he was in Oakland, and then Oakland traded him with Troy Hambrick to Arizona for a draft pick.  Zellner then got to play all 16 games in 2004 in his final year in Arizona before falling out of the league.

Why do I remember him? It's all about the name.  I usually went for speed or strength in my backups, and Zeller had neither, so I picked him solely for his name.  I've never had a real great season with him, but he's basically always been around on my teams.  One fun fact on his name - aside from being a version of his middle name, his Mom claims the name stuck because he was "a real stinker like Pepe LePew."  Neat.

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