Friday, November 20, 2015

GSNHOF Nominee - Boubacar Aw

The dude has been recommended by anyone and everyone since I started the GSNHOF, so it's about time I nominate him.

Boubacar Aw was a three year player for Georgetown from 1995 to 1998.  He shot .528 from the field with 4.6 six boards per game, with a career best 11.4 ppg and 6.2 rpg in his final college season.  After that he played basketball overseas for a long time.  So no NBA time for the guy, but he was MVP of the Senegalese National Team in 2005, so that's something!

The most interesting stuff about Aw though, IMHO, has to do with his post playing career.  Aw eventually became a substitute teacher at Hoggard High School in North Carolina, and that was it for his job until the girl's basketball coach was let go following the 2011-12 season.  At that point, Aw was promoted in two ways - To a full time teacher AND to head girls' basketball coach.  Here's him doing a post game interview for the team:
So from Senegal to Georgetown to Senegal to Hoggard, NC, Boubacar Aw has been all over.  Quite the travels for the guy, and I hope he gets prompted from Ballot 9 to the GSNHOF!

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