Friday, December 4, 2015

GSNHOF Nominee - Handsome Monica

Handsome Monica - now that's a name.  And it has a great twist!  

But first, here's a clip of Monica showing off his hitting prowess:

Born Donald Ray Monica, Handsome's Mom never really cared for the name, and just called him Handsome.  Which worked, for a while, but then he went to a private school where they went by first names (not nicknames) and Handsome would've had to go back to "Donald."  Disliking this option, his parents helped him legally change his name to Handsome at the age of 13.  And since that day, Donald Ray Monica has officially become Handsome Monica, legally and otherwise.

He had hoped to be drafted by the MLB this year, but it didn't happen, so now he's going to college at Arizona to hone his craft.  Hopefully things go well for Handsome in Arizona and he's able to become an all time great in the majors.  In the meantime, at least he's decent looking!

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