Sunday, December 12, 2021

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 Evening everyone!  It dawned on me that I mention my gaming happens now and then, but that I never formally linked this blog to my Twitch account.  I've been streaming off and on for like two years and tend to be on a few times a week, so if you're into gaming at all feel free to give me a follow and check me out when I'm playing!

My brothers and I mainly play Sea of Thieves at the moment, but we've also played Overwatch, NHL 2021, PUBG, Halo, Fortnite, Rubber Bandits, and really anything else that tickles our fancy at the moment.  I also used to stream a ton of Friday the 13th back when I was in a competitive league, so you'll see all sorts of clips from those days as well.

I'll likely add a link to some of my favorite clips on the blog at some point, but for now enjoy me asking our league manager his favorite WWF wrestlers in the middle of a league match!

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