Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Another plate? And a state of the blog post

So I posted a few plates in December, including my first ever Thaddeus Lewis printing plate.  

Would you believe that just a few months later...I picked up my SECOND Thaddeus Lewis plate?  It's pretty nuts...but it's true!

First a yellow, now a magenta, and I'm now 50% of the way to completing this Sage Hit plate set.  Wild how card collecting progress goes sometimes!

As far as the state of the blog, I'm clearly in that sweet spot of posting like 5-10 times a year.  You know, peak blogger stuff.  I am hoping next time I post, however, to post some of my VHS collection as requested in a comment.  I've definitely picked up more VHS lately but I've also picked up some random memorabilia as well, so maybe that memorabilia will end up here as well.  Just more pictures of stuff I think is cool I guess - just as the blog always was!

Anyways, stay happy and healthy and I'll be back at some point in 2022!

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