Saturday, September 16, 2023

The Past Seven Months in Collecting

At the start of 2023, I popped up with a few posts and this once dead blog was coming alive again.  But as soon as I made a few posts and trades, I wandered back off into the abyss, with work and gaming taking up most of my days yet again.

Seven months later, I've finally gotten around to photographing some of my more "recent" pickups.  Let's check a few out!

One of the coolest pieces I've picked up in recent months isn't a card, but rather a signed mini helmet by none other than Seneca Wallace.  I got it for my birthday, and it's pretty darn cool!
I used to collect mini helmets as a kid and had the entire league featured on a shelf in my childhood bedroom.  Most of those are long gone now, but I still have a few featured among my memorabilia in my card room, and this Seneca one makes a nice little centerpiece.

The one card I did get for my birthday is an absolute doozy - it's one of Mike James' 2013 Crown Royale 1/1's!
It's weird a parallel set like this has two 1/1's - the other one is blue - but considering how rare any 1/1 is, it's awesome to finally land one in this Crown set since it's one of my more active sets I'm chasing at the moment.  I count 13 cards in the 2013 Crown series, and I'm now just missing 4, including the aforementioned /1, two /5s, and one /10.

"Most active" is a relative term, as my days of scouring every card site for hidden deals are far over at the moment.  But I will occasionally peruse a site for a few of my collections, and one of those other collections that recently bore fruit is my Wonderful Monds collection.  I needed five cards for this set in February, and I now only need three.  One card was a decent minor league card, and the other is this fairly rare (Only 200 made) Platinum Medallion card that I finally repurchased:
I lovvvvvve how that name plate looks.  I say repurchased because I owned one of these back in the day and sold it on COMC when I ended this collection.  It looks like I might be able to get all the Monds back someday, which is cool/fortunate.  I feel much less lucky about my God Shammgod collection - a /299 parallel I used to own and sold for probably $8 is now selling for like $200.  Live and learn as they say.

As I browsed different sites, I realized this one "graded" Woody Dantzler card had what seemed like 1,000 copies on Ebay.  So I took advantage of that excess in supply and grabbed one for myself!
All these insert autos of Dantzler's are so goofy, especially since he writes so big that the autograph typically doesn't fit.  That being said, this is about as close as I've seen it come to actually fitting on a card, and I love the look of this card in general. 

I made a similar purchase for the last card of this post, a Jose Lopez auto from 2002.

Like Dantzler, there were a ton of these listed, so I grabbed the cheapest one.  My brother bought me a signed Jose Lopez baseball many moons ago, and it's neat to match that autograph up with this one!

So brings an end to my post about my "recent" pickups.  Will I post again next week or not until 2024?  Time will tell!  I will say that I have a roller coaster set I'm hoping to someday post, although I sort of want to get a binder for it first to display it "properly." I also might post some more of my Seneca Wallace memorabilia.  It's not a ton more, but I have a few fun things some people might like to check out.  Until next time, toodles!