Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Sports Name Hall of Fame Nominee- God Shammgod

     Because one good turn deserves another, and because I'm bored, I bring you a second, glorious helping of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.

     First of all, God Shammgod is in fact his real, birth given name. At age five he took on his mother's birth name and switched to Shammgod Wells, but realizing that it was all just a sham (heh), he switched back to God Shammgod right before enrolling at Providence College.

     God went to LaSalle Academy in Manhattan for High School, where he teamed with Ron Artest. Here he developed "the Shammgod," which was basically a fancy crossover dribble that scored him a lot of points. He played two years of college ball at Providence, where he and Austin Croshere shocked the world and went to the 1997 Elite Eight, losing to a Mike Bibby led Arizona team. God did go for 23 points and 5 assists against Bibby in the loss though.

     But God left college after only 2 seasons after being drafted 17th overall by the Washington Wizards, and that was probably a mistake. In 20 games (0 starts) of garbage time minutes, God shot 32% from the field, averaging 3.1 pts and 1.8 assists a game. Assists were kind of his thing all along anyways as he only averaged 10.3 pts a game in college. And so after a year God was no longer with the National Basketball Association. God has since brought his presense to Basketball leagues in Poland, Saudi Arabia, China and, most recently, the Portland Chinooks of the International Basketball League, where he's apparently changed his name back to Shammgod Wells.

     Side note I wasn't aware of: God Shammgod apparently taught Kobe his crossover dribble when they were AAU teammates. Also, Stephon Marbury thinks Shammgod has the nastiest crossover. Of anyone. EVER. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.
And now he's a nominee for the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame. Best of luck to you God, hope you make it in.

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