Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stephane Roy gets his time to shine (Cat Scratch Feverrrrrr!)

Stephane Roy is awesome!

No not this Stephane Roy, who was Patrick Roy's little brother and played 12 NHL games.

This Stephane Roy, who has no relation to the amazing goaltender and played 0 NHL games (but was one of the best Ice Cats of ALL TIME).
I picked up this card on Check Out My Cards the other day and I think it's beautiful. It's sort of hard to see the autograph in the above picture, but in my comparison picture below it's pretty easy.
Yup. 1994 Signature Rookies Stephane, may I introduce you to 1998 Ice Cat game post game autograph signing ticket stub. And vice versa.

Stephane is now the first player whom I have two autographs of, and that honor couldn't really go to a better guy: Stephane and Terry Virtue are easily my favorite hockey players of all time (with Chris Kenady right behind) thanks to their Ice Cat days, and I've probably seen more games of Stephane than of any other favorite player in my life (I'd guess like 30 games, which is a lot for me). I guess that's what scoring 45 points a season for the Cats for several years of my teen life does for a guy. Nevertheless, this blogger is a lifetime Ice Cats fan, and a lifetime Stephane Roy fan as well!

So to everyone out there, if you have any Virtue/S.Roy/Kenady/Ice Cats in general cards (doubtful, but you never know) then I'd love to trade for them! I plan on trying to collect all of the team sets at some point, but I know that it'll take a while, so I'm going to wait until I've got a little more time and money to dedicate to my quest.

Final fun fact: the Roy card came with another happy auto card that was immediately send...elsewhere. I owe a few of the bloggers out there for there generosity, and this is my first attempt to pay my debts. I won't say what the card is or who it's going to, but I'm sure they'll post it when it arrives, and I'm sure you guys will all think it's pretty cool. So heads up for that!

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