Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beardy's Secret Day Job - REVEALED! Plus I finally have a Dick Trickle card!

aYou all may think you know Beardy, but I'm here to tell you that you have no idea. By night he may blog about cards, but how do you think he supports that habit? I was lucky enough to come upon some evidence that gave me the truth of Beardy's ways. Or should I say, monster truck driver extraordinaire Gary Porter's ways.
That nice, full beard. The stern look of a man who has followed an AL East cellar dweller for too long. It doesn't hurt that his "Carolina Crusher" machine is based out of North Carolina, just a skip and a jump from Beardy's much loved city of Baltimore. You thought you could hide your true colors/late 80's whereabouts from us Beardy, but today all may know the truth.

Okay, that was a really silly joke. But Elton Depew thought it was pretty good. Right Elton?
ZINGER! And this is where the nonsense stops.

I would, however, like to show you another wacky monster truck guy who goes by the name of Mike Wine. Check out the beard on this guy:
Impressive to say the least.

Moving on to the second part of the title of this post, you readers may know that only four Great Names have actually been placed in the Truly Great portion of this site's Hall of Fame: Rusty Kuntz, God Shammgod, Fair Hooker, and Dick Trickle. Before Christmas, I had 2 Rusty cards, 1 Shammgod card, and 1 Hooker card, but sadly had no Trickles in my collection. I knew, however, that I had quite a few auto racing cards from back in the day, and figured I may have a Dick or two hidden in that pile. Sure enough there was, and I think that it's pretty sweet looking:
The world can end now - I have a card of every member of the Truly Great pantheon, making this a truly great day (see what I did there?).


  1. Man... I wish my day job was that cool. Also, I am not near as old as Mr. Porter, who does have a sweet beard. It's not as sweet as the other guy's though.

  2. Is Dick Trickle Cole Trickle's father?

  3. It would explain the bouts of awesome Tom Cruise had in the early to mid 90's now wouldn't it.

    But sadly no. Though it would have been interesting to see a Scientology sponsored stock car. It's not like they don't have the money.