Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stop the Presses, We Have One Last Ballot (My Dewey Defeats Truman Moment)

At around midnight last night, I posted the results of Ballot 6 of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame. 9 names continued on, 15 were eliminated. Easy enough, right? Well, no, because it turns out I missed a ballot.

One loyal reader of mine generally votes by email, and I was wondering why he hadn't responded before the contest ended. I generally email him from my main email instead of the gsnhof email and nothing had shown up there. Bored at work this morning, I went over to the gsnhof email and did a spam check. And sure enough, there was ballot #35 for Ballot 6, with nine names listed on it.

Now, most of the ballot didn't really matter - a few guys (like Monds, Baskerville, and Razor) increased their percentages and a few also rans (Given Kutz, Prince Octopus Dzanie) made their last ballot a little more respectable. But then I realized there was an issue. Ten Million had 7 votes after this ballot, and 7/35 is, of course, .20, or 20 percent. So we had to issue a correction - Ten Million was dead and gone, but now he's back, and hopefully with a vengeance. All of the vote totals and lists have been corrected, and I put a little note in the Ballot 6 results that reflects this bit of insanity.

Phew, crisis averted, everything righted, all is well. That may be the most excitement I ever personally get out of the GSNHOF, so thank you Matt for having your email get picked up by spam so that this happened! Hopefully in the future my gmail accounts will be more helpful! And welcome back Ten Million - I voted for him this past time and I'm glad he gets another shot at Great Name Greatness!

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