Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My girlfriend actually bought me a pack of cards. No, seriously. She did.

Three or four months ago, I asked my girlfriend if she would ever buy me cards. It took about .0000000001 seconds for her to answer me "no," just as I had suspected. Well, something must have changed since then, because today at Target she did, and I need to share this with you all.

We were at Target today spending a gift card of my girlfriend's, and she finished a little short (she figured about $1.20). So she asked if I wanted anything for myself. I was good on food and house supplies, and clothes were above the $1.20 price range, so I said nope. But then she said it:

"Well you could always grab a pack of cards."

I was stunned. I asked her, "Wait, what?"

To which she replied, "I'll buy you a pack if you want."

I was just...wow...befuddled. But I'm never going to turn down free cards. So with a $1.20 price range I headed to the card aisle, and had two $0.99 choices, 09 Score Football or 09 UD First Edition Football. Having already bought some Score previously, I went with the UD.
Oooo...ahhh. When my girlfriend saw the pack she said, "What the hell is an insert?" Oh well...first she buys the cards...maybe someday she'll understand them. Anywho, since I'm so psyched, I decided to show you all the cards that I received from this pack. It's my first pack from her and my first pack of 2010, so I need to celebrate. So read on if you want, or don't, but know that significant others who don't care for the hobby do come around sometimes. Life is good.

The cards:
#71 Marcedes Lewis - A great name, and a decent tight end. First card of 2010 WOOHOO!

#61 Mario Williams - I'm a Patriots/Browns fan by trade, but if I had to pick a third favorite team it's the Texans, and Mario Williams is my favorite player on the team. So I'm a big fan of this card. Plus he looks so intense in this shot.

#181 Michael Crabtree - Ooo, a Crabtree rookie. Not too shabby, especially since the lowest Beckett price I could find for it is $1.50. A $1.50 card in a $0.99 pack is pretty nice.

#115 Donovan McNabb - Great shot of a great quarterback. I also really like Haloti Ngata lurking in the background.

#128 Patrick Willis- One of the very best defensive players in the NFL today: this guy is awesome.

Star Attractions #10 Anquan Boldin - Not a bad insert at all, and it looks pretty cool.

#25 Jake Delhomme - Man, how the semi mighty have fallen. Jake used to be one of my favorite quarterbacks, but then last year he threw a zillion interceptions and lost his job to Matt Moore (who then played incredibly well). I do like this card though - it's interesting to think that a pitch was the best shot that Upper Deck could find of a quarterback.

#3 Larry Fitzgerald - Here's Larry Fitzgerald making a sweet catch, as many many Cardinals look on. It must be awesome to be a Cardinal, watching Fitz and Boldin make amazing play after amazing play every single week.

#148 Santana Moss - Scrappy guy who always wears awesome eye black. Too bad his team isn't that great.

And finally, #182 Tyson Jackson - I'm mixed on how I feel about the rookie shots (see Crabtree above). They're all in the same place, which I'm guessing is the stadium entrance, and it's kind of interesting. I mean this shot right here rules. But I feel like if I owned all of the rookie cards in this set then I would probably get bored with it. Hard to say.

So there you have it, the first (and hopefully not last) pack of cards that my girlfriend has ever bought me. To top it all off, she actually was a few dollars short of her card limit, and so even after this pack there was $1.39 left, which she then gave to me. Single packs of 2010 Topps are $1.99 - I think I've got a date with Target tomorrow after I go to the Post Office!

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  1. Nice... I need to get a copy of that McNabb card - either the first edition or the regular card (assuming it's the same photo.)